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Justice for Jane


A pregnant illegal immigrant in Texas successfully obtained an abortion at U.S. taxpayer expense yesterday. According to Vogue, she released a “powerful statement” (that someone else obviously wrote) which said: My name is not Jane Doe, but I am a Jane Doe. I’m a 17 year old girl that came to this country to make a better life for myself. My journey wasn’t easy, but I came here with...

Happy Birthday Hillary! A Wish For You


Lots of tweets don’t age well. Lord knows many of mine from the 2016 election are laughable now. However, I am not sure any of mine can compare to this: As we all know, that’s not exactly how it worked out. But it is Hillary’s birthday and I do have some sincere wishes and a few suggestions about how she can make this year better than last one. So Hillary, now that you are back...

Socialism by the Slice


A Boston pizza shop that strove to “solve the root problem of widening economic disparities through innovative alternatives” (whatever that means) is closing its doors after just two years of serving up economic justice and failure.  In so doing, Dudley Dough is providing us free of charge with a delicious example of how socialism can’t work, no matter how you try to spin it.  I’m not an...

ESPN’s gender identity crisis meets Barstool, and it’s sad


I know this news is a few days old, but I think it’s worth talking about how feminized our sports coverage has become, and how while political talk (and late night talk shows) has become more coarse, that same tolerance is out the window for men in the sports arena. Hence, ESPN’s sad tale. ESPN is so conflicted, and so stupid about it. They’re facing an existential crisis where...

BREAKING: Trump Finally Replaces Lois Lerner’s Boss, John Koskinen


After nearly five years, the man who oversaw Lois Lerner’s inquisition against conservatives, and who presided over Barack Obama’s IRS, is about to leave, and not a day too soon (or a thousand days too late). Treasury Assistant Secretary David Kautter will take on the role as acting IRS Commissioner (without giving up his current, confirmed position). The Washington Examiner reported...

OPINION: Gillespie: Challenging Virginia’s Kids to Greatness


I had the opportunity this morning to attend the Superintendent’s Business Breakfast, sponsored by SPARK – “Supporting Partnerships and Resources for Kids” – which is the Prince William County School’s Education Foundation. As a member of the business community here in Prince William, as well as a mom of three girls, two of whom are currently attending Prince William County Public...

I Agree With Jonah Goldberg About Roy Moore and I Want Roy Moore to Win


“If Donald Trump is a symptom of a disease, Mitch McConnell is what the virus looks like under the microscope.” I really do not have a lot to add to what Jonah Goldberg has written about Roy Moore. Well, I should add that I endorsed Moore in the runoff and want him to win. Other than that… Roy Moore, who has won statewide election in Alabama in the past, seems intent on just making...

PragerU Demonstrates The Proper Way To Take On The Left


For more than a year, a strange thing has been happening to Prager University’s YouTube videos. These popular videos convey a conservative message on topics from Israel to health care to gender issues. Dozens of its videos have been flagged as “restricted” on YouTube. Now some conservatives (and liberals alike) have been calling for companies like Google, Facebook, and YouTube...

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