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Twitter, Inc. Refers to The Resistance as “Human Error”


Earlier today, Twitter announced that Donald Trump’s Twitter account had been rendered inactive for eleven minutes. They attributed it to “human error” and were investigating. It turns that the human error was actually a member of The Resistance. A Twitter employee on his/her last day on the job, decided to take it upon himself to turn off Donald Trump’s personal twitter...

Joe Ricketts is a Billionaire Because He Doesn’t Put Up With Self-Entitled Lefist Crap


Leftwing outrage is pouring in because Joe Ricketts, a billionaire, dared to manage his money wisely. Ricketts is shuttering Gothamist and DNAinfo two hyperlocal news sites. He is doing so because the entitled millennial leftists who work there decided to unionize and make demands. Ricketts, instead of giving in, shut down. Prior to the unionization vote Ricketts wrote on his personal blog I...

Steve Bannon and the Million Dollar Question


For those of you who have not yet seen the news, there is a bombshell of a story developing. It’s the distancing of the Mercers from Steve Bannon. As I wrote a few weeks ago in my post Bannon’s Braggadocio, it’s one thing for someone like Steve Bannon to boast about how many Republicans he is going to take out in primaries. It’s entirely another thing to back that boasting...

Powell Expected to Be President’s Pick for the Fed


President Trump is expected to announce his pick for a new chair of the Federal Reserve today, and the choice may pique Janet Yellen fans but please financial markets. As usual, Mr. Trump has eschewed traditional protocol in both the selection process and in the very act of choosing a new chair rather than maintaining the sitting chair, as most previous presidents have done. Rather than taking...

BREAKING: GOP Tax Plan Is Massive Overhaul Of Tax Code


Republicans have finally released their proposal for tax reform. The bill includes dramatic changes to the current tax code that, if enacted, will be largest overhaul of the tax system since the Reagan era. The new plan maintains the top individual tax rate at 39.6 percent per Politico, but would reduce the corporate tax rate to 20 percent. New individual tax brackets of 12, 25 and 35 percent...

Son of a Mitch! McConnell Voted Least Popular Senator in Poll


The votes are in, the ballots counted, and now it’s official.  The GOP’s very own Mitch McConnell—up until now, known primarily for his razor sharp political instincts and his rakish wit—is America’s least popular senator: According to Morning Consult’s latest Senator Approval Rankings – compiled from a poll of 255,120 registered voters in 50 states from July 1 to Sept. 30 – Senate Majority...

Canada Passed Assisted Suicide Bill Last Year and is now Considering Child Euthanasia


It was only last year that Bill C-14 passed in Canada, which legalized physician assisted suicide. Now they are already they are looking into the same for minors. A report was released last week giving some preliminary results based on surveys sent to pediatricians. From the CBC article: “Almost half the respondents surveyed (46 per cent) said they were in favour of extending assisted...

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