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Gubernatorial Elections 2017: NJ and VA — Resurgent Live Blog


Republican candidate for governor, Ed Gillespie, right, gestures during a news conference with his running mates, Lt. Gov. candidate Jill Vogel, left, and Attorney General candidate John Adams, center, Wednesday, June 14, 2017, in Richmond, Va. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)   Hello everyone! The Resurgent will have live special coverage of the two gubernatorial races transpiring in New Jersey and ...

Conservatives encourage adding Thune Bill to tax reform legislation


Conservatives are encouraging the addition of Sen. John Thune’s (R-SD) New Economy Works to Guarantee Independence and Growth (NEW GIG) Act of 2017 (S. 1549) to the House tax reform legislation. The legislation was introduced by Thune and Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC) in July. “My legislation would provide clear rules so these freelance-style workers can work as independent contractors with the...

Bolshevik Revolution Centennial: Deadly Legacy 100 Years Later


Today marks a dark moment in history: the centennial of the Bolshevik Revolution that metastasized in Soviet Russia. From Lenin, this movement empowered Joseph Stalin, Mao Zhedong, Fidel Castro, Pol Pot, and countless other dictators across the globe to order their henchmen—or they personally—to carry out policies on torture, starvation, collectivization, confiscation of private property, and...

Disney Shuts LA Times out of Coverage of its Latest Blockbuster


Thor: Ragnarok is the latest Disney blockbuster, shattering records in its opening weekend and getting impressive reviews. But you’d never know much about it from the pages of the Los Angeles Times. The reason? Disney has engaged in a blackout of the Times over its coverage of the company’s relationship with the City of Anaheim. Deadline reports: The notoriously sensitive media giant...

Japan to Host First Asia CPAC Conference


CPAC, or the Conservative Political Action Conference, is going global. It was revealed recently that the annual conservative confab annually held in D.C. every winter — with occasional regional stops— is being held in Japan from December 16-17, 2017. Conservative Political Action ConferenceこのCPACが史上初めて、日本に上陸します。これがJ-CPAC 2017です。アジアでも史上初めてのCPACになります。皆さま、ご期待ください — J...

U.K. Says Fox News Isn’t Fair and Balanced


While student protesters on college campuses may not think so, the First Amendment is a beautiful, precious, and rare thing. Look no further than one of our closest allies, the United Kingdom. This week, the U.K broadcasting regulation office, Ofcom, ruled that Fox News broadcasts violated laws regarding impartiality. The ruling stems from episodes of Hannity and Tucker Carlson Tonight earlier...

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