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Reject Voices of Prayer-Shaming: They Don’t Represent Reality


Very soon after the massacre which occurred at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, on Sunday, instead of the usual American response of coming together, offering prayers and empathy and shared grief, we were further shocked by near-immediate “prayer-shaming.” Prayer-shaming. Would we ever have conceived that such a thing could occur publicly in America? And, why? What is the...

Ryan and Santorum Disagree on Meaning of Democrats’ VA Election Sweep


Nearly every observer has an interpretation of yesterday’s electoral sweep of Virginia by the Democratic Party, the first significant, positive performance the party has displayed since the election of Donald Trump. President Trump quickly tossed gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie beneath a bus after his loss, which unexpectedly was by 9 points, despite the fact that Trump had tweeted and robo...

Democrats Introduce Gun Control Bill To Boost GOP Popularity


Fresh from their electoral victories on Tuesday, Democrats are about to roll out a bill to aid President Trump’s ebbing fortunes. In a move that is apparently calculated to keep Republicans from becoming too unpopular, Senate Democrats intend to introduce gun control legislation that is similar to bills that Americans have rejected many times previously. The Washington Examiner reports that...

Yes. Prayers are Absolutely Enough.


In the wake of the horrific tragedy that took place at First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas, America has jumped into a now all-too-familiar cycle. You know it as well as I do, Leftists demand gun control, while the Right says that shootings like this are why we need more good people carrying guns. Same song, who knows which verse, could get better, but it’s likely going to get...

Hot Takes On A Cold GOP Night


There is a very human tendency to ascribe significance to events in such as way as they can be used to predict the future.  Psychologically, I think this phenomenon is closely related to why people see the image of the Mona Lisa in a piece of toast, or the shape of a ducky or a horsey in clouds floating across the sky.  Since we’re always trying to impose a sense of order on the chaotic universe...

Democrat Victories Should Be Wake Up Call To GOP


Despite the trope that “all politics is local,” it is difficult to see last night’s election results as anything but a rebuke to President Trump and the Republican Party. Exit polls indicated that resistance to President Trump was a large factor in the Democrat landslide. Politico reports that half of Virginia voters said that their vote was about Trump. Thirty-four percent of Virginia voters...

Elections have become reactionary and Trump and the GOP are in charge


Elections have become reactionary. In 2008, Barack Obama was elected in part because of the unpopularity of President George W. Bush, on-going wars, and a financial collapse. After two years of policies from a super majority Democratic Congress, voters rallied with the Tea Party and elected a Republican House of Representatives. Eventually, the Republicans won the U.S. Senate and running against...

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