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On Roy Moore


It is really remarkable that a Republican Party that hates his guts and worked to get him pitted against Luther Strange in a run off so as to beat him was too staggeringly incompetent to find this information about Roy Moore’s accusers. Moore is being accused of inappropriately touching several girls around 40 years ago. He has not been convicted, but the story is deeply troubling because...

VICTORY: Adoption Tax Credit Will Stay


Hours after Senate sources confirmed to me that they would preserve the adoption tax credit, the House Republican leaders are announcing they will keep it.
You did it.
Resurgent activists generated over 10,000 emails, tweets, and facebook messages to members of Congress over the last 72 hours and today you guys generated more than 5,000 phone calls in just a few hours.
God bless you.

Lankford to GOP: Keep the Adoption Tax Credit


In an interview with Hugh Hewitt, Sen. James Lankford (R-Oklahoma) implored the GOP to put the Adoption Tax Credit back into the tax reform bill. Hewitt expressed said he’d be surprised if the adoption tax credit was eliminated, to which Lankford concurred. “I would be surprised if it’s eliminated, as well,” he said.”You are correct. [Adoption tax credit] is not just a pro...

Where Is Your God Now, Christian? How Could He Let This Shooting Happen?


There has been a lot of news about the church shooting in Texas and there has been much conversation on talk radio and elsewhere about it. But many people keep asking how Christians can believe in a God who would let this happen. They ask where God is and how can he be all good. I have not heard a lot of people take on this issue and figured I would at least attempt an answer.

Who’s funding sedition?


Liberals love to hate the Koch (sounds like “Coke”) brothers because of their reputation for supporting conservative and libertarian political causes through a nonprofit they founded that’s called Americans for Prosperity. The organization’s motto is “We protect the American Dream by fighting each day for lower taxes, less government regulation and economic...

Hey Liberals, If Comedians are Your Spokesmen, Your Ideology is a Joke


One of the most cringe-worthy things to watch is when really smart people – philosophers, scientists, deep thinkers – try their hand at comedy.  It’s so uncomfortable, so unnatural, so painful, their attempts often become fodder for actual comedians. What’s strange is that those same comedians don’t seem to recognize that the exact same spectacle takes place when they try their hand at deep...

Critics: Keith Urban Song ‘Female’ is Transphobic, Mansplains, and Too Heavy on Biblical References


Last night at the CMA’s, country music singer Keith Urban performed a new song called “Female.” The singer was inspired to produce and release this song immediately, especially in wake of revelations in Hollywood involving serial creep Harvey Weinstein. Urban was inspired by those speaking out against Weinstein— particularly the females. Urban is married to Academy Award-winning...

In Virginia – The Swamp Voted and The Swamp Won


On the heels of Tuesday’s election, Democrats and the MSM are awfully smug, all echoing the party line that the New Jersey and Virginia Democratic gubernatorial victories foreshadow a 2018 Democratic electoral tsunami.  Concurrently, the conservative never-trumpers are slyly gleeful. To them, this is proof that their endless prognostications that the impending burst of  Trump bubble has...

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