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U.K. Says Fox News Isn’t Fair and Balanced


While student protesters on college campuses may not think so, the First Amendment is a beautiful, precious, and rare thing. Look no further than one of our closest allies, the United Kingdom. This week, the U.K broadcasting regulation office, Ofcom, ruled that Fox News broadcasts violated laws regarding impartiality. The ruling stems from episodes of Hannity and Tucker Carlson Tonight earlier...

Puerto Rico’s Largest Airport Has Become a De Facto Refugee Camp


Puerto Rico’s largest airport has become a de facto refugee camp for hundreds of people attempting to leave the ravaged island. According to the Daily Beast, Luis Munoz Marin International Airport is without radar, and much of its infrastructure remains damaged since Hurricane Maria blew through the island last week. “We usually run around 200 flights a day and we are barely getting...

Press Release: Fed Is Bullish On Economic Outlook


The Federal Reserve released a statement on Wednesday forecasting good news for the economy. “Information received since…July indicates that the labor market has continued to strengthen and that economic activity has been rising moderately so far this year,” the Fed’s statement said. “Job gains have remained solid in recent months, and the unemployment rate has stayed low.” The statement...

Obama Calls GOP Attempts to Repeal Obamacare “Aggravating”


In a speech in New York City on Wednesday, Barack Obama admitted his aggravation with the GOP’s continued attempts to repeal Obamacare, the former president’s signature legislative achievement. “Those of you who live in countries that already have universal health care are trying to figure out what’s the controversy here,” Obama told his audience at the Gates Foundation event. “It is...

REVEALED: Obama Lectured Trump on Politics in Oval Office Letter


One of my favorite presidential traditions is how each president leaves a personal letter to their successor on the Resolute Desk on Inauguration Day. It punctuates the peaceful transfer of power, which is one of the most remarkable and precious rituals in our constitutional republic. So, I was excited this weekend when CNN obtained a copy of the letter President Obama left for President Trump...

Jim Acosta Could Learn A Thing or Two From Ben Sasse


The Statue of Liberty has had a busy couple of weeks. Two weeks ago there was the much-discussed debate between Stephen Miller and CNN’s Jim Acosta. The latter, in a fit of unprofessional outrage, exposed his ignorance of history by invoking “The New Colossus” (otherwise known as the Statue of Liberty poem) in defense of a liberal immigration policy. “The Statue of Liberty says ‘Give...

France to End Fossil Fueled Cars By 2040 – I Bet My Hoverboard They Won’t


It’s 2017. According to the 1989 classic, Back to the Future II, we should have flying cars by now – or at least hoverboards. And don’t forget power laces, which should be equipped on every pair of Nikes. To borrow from another sci-fi classic, Star Trek, we should be emerging from the Eugenics Wars of the 1990s, and working closer toward speed of light travel. According to a 2007 NBC...

John Adams’ Rays of Ravishing Light and Glory


Independence Day is filled with lots of fun sights and rituals. Having a picnic, shooting off fireworks, attending a parade, and going out on the lake are the kinds of things every proud American does to celebrate. What the vast majority of Americans don’t know, however, is that they are celebrating our independence exactly how one founding father intended. Writing to his wife and best friend...

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