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This Is Not a Day Care. This Is America.


America has become a coddled nation. And a coddled nation is a crippled nation. Regardless of what you might think of President Trump’s recent “fire and fury” rhetoric with North Korea, at least he’s not passing out teddy bears and whining about microaggressions. Meanwhile, with every day that goes by another college snowflake melts down over chalk on a sidewalk or an...

An Inauguration Tale: Dorothy in the Land of Oz


My friend Monica Matthews shared this poignant perspective at her site while on the streets of DC at President Trump’s inauguration festivities. As we watch snowflakes shatter shop windows and vulgar celebrities threaten to blow up The White House, keep her encouraging words in mind: I’m in my element. The normal folk. This evening, I’ll be in a ballgown, with the not-so-normal folk. That’s...

10 Characteristics of The Resurgent Family


Shortly after Bill Kristol tweeted on Memorial Day weekend that a candidate was ready to step into the ring, I noted that our focus should be on what matters most—faith-focused communities, friendships, relationships, children, marriages, and thriving families. These are the building blocks of culture and the ones we must rebuild if we are to see substantive change in politics. Not that we should...

What’s Happening with Marriage and Religious Liberty? A Conversation with Andrew T. Walker [Podcast]


If you are like a lot of Christians—or even conservative folks, you’re blown away by how quickly marriage and religious liberty have seemed to crumble in recent years. What are we to make of it all in light of the seemingly constant pressure to be made to care? In this latest episode of The FaithWalker’s Podcast, I share a conversation with Andrew T. Walker of the Ethics and Religious...

Bill Kristol’s Third Party Rumors and What Matters Most


Bill Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard has been one of the leaders amongst conservatives in trying to field a third-party or independent Presidential candidate so conservatives have someone to support in November. Yesterday he tweeted this cryptic update: Just a heads up over this holiday weekend: There will be an independent candidate–an impressive one, with a strong team and a real...

Drafting Women: Two Cultural Consequences


Lost in the latest egalitarian nonsense about drafting women to serve in the military are two concerns I have about the long-term impact on us as a culture. Aside from the scientific arguments about weakening our fighting force, valid though they are, and the complete collapse of principles by so many on what used to be the ideological right, two glaring concerns remain with drafting women to...

Colorado Court Approves Re-education Camp for Christian Baker


We are rapidly approaching a tipping point in America. The day is coming, sooner than most think, when we will each have to choose whether to obey God or man, dictatorial bureaucrats or the Constitution, tyrannical judges or our own consciences. The sooner we grasp this truth the better: simply because a court makes a ruling does not make it right. Because a law exists is not sufficient reason to...

Where and When Will Your Story Be Told?


As most of you know, Erick has been battling some significant health issues of late, the kind that would cause any of us think about the stuff that matters most in life. Although most posts here at The Resurgent focus on current events, the underlying reason we write here and now is that we care about the stories we will tell there and then—in eternity. Some people may read posts here and wonder...

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