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Writing The Pine: Kaepernick Seeks Book Deal


According to Fox News, erstwhile NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick is meeting with publishers in New York, seeking a book deal.  This comes just a week after filing a grievance against the NFL owners, alleging a collusion conspiracy not to sign him, in the wake of his national anthem protests. If Kaepernick’s twitter feed is any indication, a forthcoming book will likely shed light on the...

Worried About The Environment? Eat Beans Instead Of Steak


The left, always looking for new, and novel ways to alienate the electorate, is now after those delicious steaks and burgers on your grill. “Environmental Nutrition” researcher Helen Harwatt and her colleagues have determined that if we all stopped eating beef, and started eating beans instead, we could ‘almost’ meet our CO2 emissions goals, under the Paris accords. Now...

The Cruel Hopelessness Of “Single Payer”


In the current debate over the Affordable Care Act, we really are in the midst of a great proxy war over single payer health care.   Sure, its not on the table with this Congress, and Obamacare, while a bureaucratic monstrosity, isn’t single payer.   But the debate surrounding GOP efforts to repeal, or at least reform the law is really a precursor to a national debate over single payer...

Law of Supply and Demand Upheld in Seattle Minimum Wage Case


It turns out that not every law liberals don’t like can be overturned by the Supreme Court. In 2014, Seattle, following the instructions of liberal activists, agreed to raise its minimum wage to $15/hour.   It turns out this is doing exactly what every conservative, free market economist expected it would:  Reduce jobs and work hours for those making at or near the minimum wage. A...

Early Festivus: Iowa GOP Chair Airs Grievances With Sasse


Festivus has come early in Iowa, at least the “airing of grievances” portion, with state GOP chairman Jeff Kauffman unleashing an odd rant against Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, before a Trump rally in Cedar Rapids. According to Politico, a “a visibly chafed Kaufmann announced that he needed to get some things off his chest and proceeded to spend most of his time berating the...

Sanders: Senate Health Care Bill “Most Harmful” In His Lifetime


A little over a week after one of his supporters attempted to assassinate GOP members of Congress,  Senator Bernie Sanders, who apparently read a 142 page bill in less than 5 minutes, greeted the release of the Senate GOP’s health care bill with some ridiculously over-heated tweets. Republicans want to throw millions of Americans off of health insurance while providing over $200 billion in...

Un-Settled Science


The “settled” science of climate change continued to have a bad week, in the aftermath of the United States’ departure from the Paris accords. NASA revealed a new study showing that an Antarctic Glacier isn’t shrinking as fast as previously thought.   Scientists believe the Thwaites Glacier’s melt is responsible for 1% of the projected global sea level rise.   According to the new study, earlier...

Want To Fix The Environment? Less Marching, More Working


A few weeks ago, my wife and I happened to be in downtown Denver the same day as the “March For Science.”   It was an odd thing to observe.   It was strikingly unsacrificial.  If you’re familiar with Denver, its not exactly a herculean effort to draw young, wealthy liberals downtown on a Saturday.  Sure, they had repurposed their knitted hats from the Women’s march into “brain” hats, and had to...

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