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Dave is a conservatarian blogger and political consultant from the Atlanta area. He enjoys fantasy football, chicken and waffles, and not discussing politics on social media.

What Tuesday’s Special Election in Georgia Will (And Won’t) Tell Us About the Future


There’s a special election happening in Georgia’s sixth congressional district tomorrow. If you have so much as turned on a television in the past two months anywhere in the greater Atlanta area, you are already well-aware of this due to the barrage of advertisements that have inundated the region’s commercial breaks. If, for whatever reason, you have been enjoying these...

Precedents, and Why We Keep Them


Spearheaded by efforts from Georgia congressman John Lewis, as many as sixty congressional Democrats have now said that they will boycott Friday’s inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump. It’s a startling disruption of a tradition that dates back to the founding of our republic (besides that one time, of course, where we went to war over the results.) Congressman Lewis has gone...

Drinking Anything With Flavor Now Costs Extra in Philadelphia


It’s a new year with the promise of new beginnings for most Americans. That is, of course, unless you happen to live in Philadelphia, in which case the new year has brought with it all manners of new disappointments. The Eagles aren’t in the playoffs, Sylvester Stallone still doesn’t have an Oscar for Creed, and your city government has come up with an all new way of milking you...

Our Commander-in-Tweet


Over the past month, I’ve picked up a new activity in my morning routine. Once I’ve showered, brushed my teeth, and started my morning cup of coffee, I now log on to Twitter to see what wild and wacky hijinks our soon-to-be president has been up to on social media that morning. Twitter is even nice enough to put the tweets at the top of my feed in the “While You Were Away”...

There’s One Big Reason Why the Electoral College Isn’t Going Anywhere


Ever since their stunning upset defeat on Tuesday, in lieu of any actual introspection or lesson-learning, the Democrats have fixed their sights on what they now see as the real problem: the electoral college system that we have successfully used to elect presidents for the last 240 years. Of course before Tuesday, there was nary a word spoken about the effectiveness of the system. Old wounds...

The Left Really Wants Me to Support Donald Trump


In spite of all the crow that I have been forced to consume in the last three days, I remain proud to have opposed Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency. I outspokenly stood against Trump from the day he descended that escalator, and you can read all of that outspokenness in great detail on this very website. You can even poke fun at many of the assumptions I made that turned out to be...

Conservatives Have a Clickbait Problem (You Won’t BELIEVE Why)


Social media can be tiresome and irritating enough under regular circumstances. After you saw the Chewbacca mom video once, you really didn’t need to see it again, but lucky for you, three dozen other Facebook friends were happy to share the video with you again and again over the course of a week. During a presidential election, social media takes on a whole new degree of insufferability...

Week 8: Everything You Need to Know for #Gameday


The Resurgent’s team of Philip Swicegood, Josh Hammer, and Dave Scharoun will be releasing its own NCAA football poll throughout the season, along with running commentary about each week’s highlights. EDITOR’S NOTE: This week’s preview is dedicated to The Resurgent’s Director of Operations Philip Swicegood. Happy anniversary, Philip! 1. Alabama (Last week: def. Tennessee 49-10)...

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