AuthorErick Erickson

“He’s President, Not a Pastor” Is a Great Cop Out


I was going to avoid the subject, but after reading this excellent piece from Jonah Goldberg, I think I do want to say one thing. Morality of the person matters. Dennis Prager is a brilliant man and he has been consistent, going back to Bill Clinton, that the morality of a leader does not matter. Adultery does not matter. The policies do. On that, I think he has been consistently wrong. The...

Firing Scott Pruitt Will Only Embolden the Left


It is an open secret in Washington that a leftwing opposition research firm has hired investigators to dig into Trump Administration officials. It is no coincidence that many of the accusations, like with former Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price, involve private air travel and the like. It is what these investigators focus on to give the media easy stories. There really is not much...

Your Podcast Sucks. Here’s How to Improve.


Do me a favor and go listen to The Weekly Substandard for just a few minutes before going forward here. I listen to very few podcasts. It is one of the ones I listen to and listen to regularly. It is not a perfect podcast, but it is probably a million times better than yours. Here’s the thing — I’d like to find some good talent who, perhaps, could be a guest host on my radio...

This Sinclair Broadcasting Story Really Isn’t a Big Deal


Y’all, I was concerned when I first heard about the Sinclair Broadcasting promo. The whole “danger to our democracy” sounds like they’re using their network coverage to undermine legitimate news outlets and don’t care. And, in fact, if you watch the video above it doesn’t look great. But that has more to do with the editing of the video than the actual promo...

On a personal noteā€¦


I have been gone for a week. I work on vacations. Work is what I do. I work to relax. But I also rested more than usual without working. I let emails slip by. I re-engaged Twitter by turning off notifications from people I don’t follow, which makes the whole thing more pleasant. But I also had a few moments of reflection. One of those moments came from Margaret Sullivan’s piece in the...

Are We Sure About Roy Moore, Or Do You Just Hate Him?


To hear most of you reading this tell it, Moore is a serial child molester. In fact, I dare say Moore is hurt by his cultural, social conservatism because it is a common view among the left and probably even more than a few on the right that anyone who is outspoken about homosexuality is a closet homosexual; anyone outspoken about child abuse is a child abuser; and anyone who lives a reserved...

Our Pivot to Video


“Pivoting to video” was a funny plot line from an HBO show about Silicon Valley, but it was taken pretty literally by folks at MTV and elsewhere. They abandoned a number of digital efforts and announced they were “pivoting to video”. The Resurgent is doing its own pivot, but not really to video, but to you. You get to write here now too. We have explored platforms and...

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