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Gabriella Hoffman is a young conservative blogger and columnist based in Northern Virginia.

‘Outsiders on the Inside’ | Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas’ 1st Congressional District

Our fourth guest for “Outsiders on the Inside” is Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas’ First Congressional District. Although he has served in the House of Representatives for over a decade, Rep. Gohmert has proven to be a foe of the establishment. We discussed the Las Vegas shooting/pushes for gun control, the SAVES Act, and what’s challenging about being an outsider here in the nation’s capital...

Murderer Che Guevara Shouldn’t Be Lionized 50 Years After His Death


Today marks 50 years since Ernesto “Che” Guevara was executed by CIA-backed Bolivian forces. Yet, our country and countless nations abroad still idolize him as a pop culture figure while whitewashing his crimes against humanity. Here in the U.S., modern-day leftists love and worship Argentinian-born Che Guevara–who was instrumental in helping overthrow Cuba’s government to...

NRA to Fox News Sunday: “Bans Don’t Work”


After issuing a statement calling on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) to review the legality of bump stocks, the National Rifle Association (NRA) has affirmed that further bans on guns or gun parts don’t stop crime. NRA’s Chris Cox went on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace to discuss their statement in wake of the Las Vegas massacre.  Cox...

Steve Scalise Shoots Back Response to Gun Control, Affirms Support for Gun Rights


After surviving an assassination attempt on his life in June here in Alexandria, Virginia, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) told Chuck Todd of “Meet the Press” over the weekend he still opposes more gun control measures now more than ever in wake of the Las Vegas massacre. Below is the full interview: “Our Founding Fathers believed strongly in gun rights for citizens,”...

D.C. Court of Appeals Gets It Right on Unconstitutional Conceal Carry Ban


The residents of Washington, D.C., proper may soon be able to conceal carry given the good news this week. The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals blocked the enforcement of DC’s existing onerous anti-gun law which criminalizes concealed carry by law-abiding gun owners. Here’s more context behind the legal battle over gun rights in the nation’s capital: The city’s law had required gun...

New Book On Religious Liberty Can Pivot Public Discourse Back in Right Direction


The debate over cultural issues sadly isn’t going anywhere in this country. Whether it’s public schools pushing for the normalization of transgenderism or the media cheering on the prospect of imprisoning those who disagree with gay marriage, public discourse on the matter has been lost. If you dissent from the “popular opinion” of the day, your view is to be wholly...

True Conservation at Work: Interior Plans Expansion of Hunting and Fishing Opportunities on Public, Private Lands


Keeping in line with his promise to promote true conservation at Department of Interior, Secretary Ryan Zinke announced today that his department plans to continue expanding fishing and hunting opportunities on public lands. Citing the depreciation of 2.2 million hunters in the new USFWS study, Zinke believes this move — along with partnerships with private land owners — will help...

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