AuthorGraham Walker

Calling All Electors: Throw the Election to the House, and You Just Might Save Our Country


The Electoral College was conceived for just the kind of national leadership crisis we now face. In ordinary times, members of the Electoral College have a boring, honorific task. They’re the ones we’ll actually select when we vote on November 8th. There are 538 of them; each state gets electors equal to the number of its Representatives plus its two Senators. About six weeks after Election Day...

Does the Electoral College give John Kasich the opportunity to save the country from Trump and Hillary?


Independent-minded Republicans failed to dethrone Trump in Cleveland. Many Democrats in Philadelphia only grudgingly reconciled themselves to Clinton. Is there any way to save the country from the evil-of-two-lessers choice between Donald and Hillary? Yes, but to explain how we have to dust off the hoary old Twelfth Amendment. Ratified in 1804, the Twelfth Amendment frames the actual process for...

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