AuthorJ. Cal Davenport

Ryan and Santorum Disagree on Meaning of Democrats’ VA Election Sweep


Nearly every observer has an interpretation of yesterday’s electoral sweep of Virginia by the Democratic Party, the first significant, positive performance the party has displayed since the election of Donald Trump. President Trump quickly tossed gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie beneath a bus after his loss, which unexpectedly was by 9 points, despite the fact that Trump had tweeted and robo...

The Eagles Offense Was So Good Yesterday, It Caused This Unforeseen Problem


It’s good to be a Philadelphia Eagles fan these days, unless you need the experience of stadium gimmicks to pump you up and have a good time. Yesterday’s 51-23 crushing of the Denver Broncos led the team to a league-best 8 wins with only 1 loss. The “offensive explosion” meant that so many fireworks were shot off after Eagles scores that the stadium ran out of them, according to Fox 29. Fans were...

The Media’s Fake News About the Manhattan Terrorist Attack


Yesterday, a 29-man named Sayfullo Saipov plowed through a bicycle path in Lower Manhattan with a white truck, resulting in the death of 8 and the injuring of 11 more. Along with the lives lost, an additional casualty of the attack is liberals’ ability to recognize reality: among them, that the culprit of this act of terrorism adhered to what he at least understood to be Islam and carried out the...

Kid Rock Tells Howard Stern If He’s Running for Senate


For several months, Kid Rock has teased the possibility that he would jump into the race for the Senate seat in his (and my) home state of Michigan. A successful bid for for the Republican nomination would set him against three-term, incumbent Democrat Debbie Stabenow. The potential that the GOP would double down on the decision to nominate unpolished, tell-it-like-it-is candidates with celebrity...

The Weinstein Fallout and the Lack of Moral Character


Regarding the Weinstein sexual harassment and assault situation, The Washington Post recently asked why so many men are confused about the concept of consent. I responded that, in fact, they are not confused, they just don’t care. It is not a knowledge problem, but a morality problem. Now, of course, the #metoo social media movement has highlighted what may be a disparity between what men...

Stage-4 Cancer Can’t Hold This American Hero Back


Sometimes it takes the worst tragedies to bring out the qualities that restore our faith in humanity. Hurricane Harvey has left us with more than devastation: in its aftermath, numerous people have performed heroically, saving other human beings and animals. There was this man who now famously  took his boat out to “save some lives.” Houston police officer Bert Ramon is another man doing...

The Place for Prosperity in the Church is Within Community


One of the most distinctly American movements in the contemporary church is that of the “prosperity gospel.” Joel Osteen’s million dollar smile probably cost that much. Leroy Thompson is not lying when he says “money cometh to me now.” It seems that the prosperity its proponent ministers teach is mostly their own. Treating Christianity as a self-help strategy or a get-rich-quick scheme...

Reminder: Democrats Would Cancel Elections Too


Yesterday, I reported on a disturbing poll from the Washington Post that found that more than half of Republicans would be willing to postpone the 2020 election if Trump proposed it in order to make sure no non-citizens vote. The Constitution allows for no such act by the president and U.S. Code as passed by Congress has delegated such decisions to states, but what is most concerning is the trust...

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