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America Should Stand Up for Kurdish Independence


While America spent the weekend hotly debating the NFL & the National Anthem — and as the world inched closer to possible war in North Korea and as millions of Puerto Ricans suffered the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria — a small speck of land in the Middle East was about to send shockwaves through the international system. Today — September 25, 2017 — the Kurds...

Build The Memorial: Why The Global War on Terror Deserves a Memorial


The fallen veterans of the Global War on Terrorism deserve a national memorial. Sixteen years have passed since the vicious jihadist attacks of September 11, 2001. Sixteen years of constant war – the longest war in our nation’s history. Sixteen years of deployments in some of the most hostile parts of the world – Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere. And sixteen years of untold bravery and...

77 Years Ago Today, Churchill Gave Defiant “We Shall Fight” Speech


Great Britain finds itself the victim of the third major terrorist attack in three months. Westminster. Manchester. And now London Bridge. Exactly 77 years ago today, the United Kingdom – through a series of miracles – had just escaped total defeat at the hands of the Nazis at Dunkirk. Winston Churchill’s speech in front of Parliament on June 4, 1940, (called the “Finest Hour”...

Trump is Right: Terrorists Are Evil Losers Who Worship Death


Another day. Another vicious terrorist attack. On the evening of Monday May 22nd, what is now presumed to be a suicide bomber blew himself up at an Ariana Grande concert in Britain, killing over twenty people and wounding many dozens more. BBC reported how the horror unfolded:   “The explosion happened in the foyer of Manchester Arena on Monday night, as crowds began leaving the...

Ted Cruz: Not All Heroes Wear Capes. But None Wear RompHims.


Just yesterday, the Internet briefly united behind a fantastic new meme.  The Washington Free Beacon shared the picture of a straight-laced & suited Tom Cotton, a coffee-holding & peace-sign-giving Chuck Schumer, and a gym-clothes-clad Ben Sasse hanging out on the Hill along with the caption “Caption Contest”, and the responses were truly a glorious sight to behold, uniting the...

BREAKING: Special Counsel Named in Russia Investigation


The investigation into the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to and alleged collusion with Russia just heated up. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced that former FBI Director Robert Mueller will act as special counsel in the ongoing Russia investigation. The New York Times provided further details:   “The appointment of Mr. Mueller dramatically raises the stakes for President...

Taste of Turkey: Erdogan’s Thugs Attack Americans in the Streets of D.C.


  2ND UPDATE: New footage has emerged (see the two videos above). As a brief refresher, on Tuesday evening (the same day as the Turkish President Erdogan met with Donald Trump) bodyguards of Erdogan attacked a small group of peaceful protesters that had gathered outside the Turkish Ambassador’s residence in the District of Columbia. And now new video has emerged, provided by Voice of...

BREAKING: Congress Asks FBI for Comey Memos and Calls on Comey to Testify


In a day rocked by revelation after revelation – from President Trump’s tweets defending his discussions with the Russians in the Oval Office to General McMaster’s press conference, and from the controversy over the Trump administration’s equivocation on whether the Western Wall is part of Israel (hint: it is) to the disclosure that the intelligence discussed by Trump with...

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