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John lives in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, GA with his wife Lisa, two dogs and an antisocial cat. His detective novels are published under the pseudonym Rocky Leonard, while his nonfiction writings may be found here at The Resurgent, or his personal website, depending on the subject.

A Glimmer of Hope for the Future


Keeping informed about current events can be a depressing business. Over the past few months, dozens of Americans were gunned down at a country music concert in Las Vegas. Mass murders have occurred during worship services at churches in Texas and Tennessee, and yet more people seem worried about fictitious or grossly exaggerated problems such as police nationwide wantonly murdering unarmed black...

A New Odd Couple: Pope Francis and Jerry Brown


Pop Quiz: what does California governor Jerry Brown and Pope Francis have in common? No, it isn’t a trick question. “Nothing” is not the correct answer. Just for the record, although Pope Francis is pictured on the left in the photo above, that isn’t Governor Moonbeam shown on the right. Recently, the Pontifical Academy of Sciences (who knew such a thing existed?) held a...

Who’s funding sedition?


Liberals love to hate the Koch (sounds like “Coke”) brothers because of their reputation for supporting conservative and libertarian political causes through a nonprofit they founded that’s called Americans for Prosperity. The organization’s motto is “We protect the American Dream by fighting each day for lower taxes, less government regulation and economic...

Physicist Sean Carroll claims to know what happens when we die


An online publication called The Express reported that physicist Sean Carroll claims to know what happens when we die as if it was some recent revelation, but it was actually old news. In this particular interview, Dr. Carroll said: Claims that some form of consciousness persists after our bodies die and decay into their constituent atoms face one huge, insuperable obstacle: the laws of physics...

What Happened to the Antifa Civil War?


Once upon a time (in 1970, to be precise), Hollywood made a movie with a title asking an interesting question: Suppose They Gave a War And Nobody Came? Unfortunately, it was released the same year as the hit “war comedy” M.A.S.H. starring Donald Sutherland and Elliott Gould, so the better question might have been What If They Made a Movie That Nobody Watched? Which reminds me of the...

The #NeverTrump Crowd


Donald Trump is not a conservative. He’s a populist. It’s very important to understand there is a fundamental difference between a conservative ideologue and a populist campaigning on a conservative platform, because that’s the key to understanding President Trump. Ideologues tend to refuse to budge or compromise on their core beliefs, while populists are far more concerned with...

BREAKING: Truck on bike path kills 6 in Manhattan


A truck rented from Home Depot was deliberately driven in a bicycle lane in lower Manhattan today, killing six cyclists and injuring at least fifteen others. Police have captured the driver of the truck. Reports suggest that an second occupant of the truck escaped with a gun, and other witnesses reported hearing gunshots. The incident is being investigated as a terrorist attack. [UPDATE #1...

A Fair Share of the Tax Burden


Liberal Democrat politicians love to insist that their priority, when tax reform becomes the topic of discussion, is to force successful people to pay “their fair share” of taxes. The wealthy are frequently described as greedy people who gained their wealth at the expense of the poor. However, according to the latest statistics from the Office of Management and Budget, the top 20...

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