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Pro-Free Speech Students Reclaim Campus Expression From the Fascists


Amidst the modern overwhelming rancidness of illiberal, Enlightenment-hating, antediluvian campus fascists violently rioting and shouting down university speakers whose ideas offend their “social justice warrior” snowflake sensibilities, the University of Chicago has consistently managed to stand above the fray.  In early 2015, Chicago’s president-appointed Committee on Freedom...

The Fight Against Affirmative Action Returns to the University of Texas


Close observers of U.S. Supreme Court litigation over the last five years are no doubt familiar with the trials and tribulations of one Abigail Fisher.  Miss Fisher, over the course of a lawsuit that seemed to last longer than the wait time for a kidney transplant in Toronto, sued the University of Texas at Austin over its race-conscious admissions policy and found her way up to the high Court...

Trump Backs Away From the Two-State Solution. Here Are Five Thoughts.


I feel a bit like the dog owner who comes home from a date night to find that his irritable bowel syndrome-afflicted beast has fortuitously managed to hold it in for a few hours: “Well, I’ll be!  Good boy!” It was not two weeks ago that I reacted—contra many others in the broader pro-Israel community—quite negatively to Trump’s seeming continuation of his benighted Oval...

Dear White House: Stop Making Nice With the Palestinians


A funny thing happened during the U.S. Supreme Court oral argument for Zivotofsky v. Kerry—the 2014-2015 term separation of powers case involving U.S. passport issuances for American citizens born in Jerusalem.  The late Justice Antonin Scalia, perhaps letting slip his underlying policy preference in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, had this gem of a line about career (almost invariably Leftist)...

White House Continues to Hire Top Talent from Cruz World


Word is spreading today in conservative media that President Trump, via his National Security Council, has tapped longtime Sen. Ted Cruz foreign policy adviser Victoria Coates to serve as a senior director for strategic assessments.  This follows last Thursday’s news that Trump had also tapped movement conservative warrior and ex-Cruz Chief of Staff Paul Teller, which itself followed the...

JUST IN: An Outstanding Hire by Donald Trump


The Daily Caller is reporting that President Trump is set to hire Paul Teller, former Executive Director of the Republican Study Committee (“RSC”) and ex-Chief of Staff to Sen. Ted Cruz, to be the White House’s chief liaison to Capitol Hill conservatives: The new role will put Teller in charge of ensuring that conservative congressmen in the House Freedom Caucus, Republican...

Pass a Constitutional Amendment Just to Show We Still Can


I emphatically endorse this post by Mike Rappaport at the University of San Diego School of Law’s Originalism Blog: …the constitutional amendment process is essential to originalism and to a desirable constitutional law…. At this point, it would be beneficial to pass a constitutional amendment, even if it is a minor one, just to show that the process can still function… If...

Ted Cruz Owned Deadspin and It Was Glorious


Leave it to the lifelong Duke Blue Devils fan and former Ted Cruz presidential campaign volunteer to write this one up, I suppose. If ESPN is “MSNBC with footballs,” as Ben Shapiro sometimes refers to it, then the sports gossip website Deadspin is “Vox with a field hockey skirt.”  The site is partially a half-assed attempt at Barstool Sports-style “humor” and...

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