AuthorKira Davis

Watch This Good Samaritan Save a Cat After It Falls Off Docks


Not everyone wants to be outraged on a Sunday. If that’s you, maybe you’ll enjoy this video of a man saving a cat after it falls off a dock into the icy ocean. ITV News in London tweeted out video of the Sunday morning fantastic feline grab. Two cats were having a disagreement of some kind when a chase broke out, with one cat chasing the other to the edge of the dock. The second cat...

‘Blue Whale’ Internet Suicide Game Causing International Concern


The internet is known as the “great equalizer” and has been responsible for much advancement in knowledge and wealth.┬áIt also has a dark side which has been thrust into the spotlight again after a rash of injuries and suicides prompted by a popular internet suicide game called ‘Blue Whale’. The name may be meant to reflect the act of whale “suicide” via...

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