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Should Parents Scrap the Children’s Bible for the Real Thing?


I was asked a question after a speaking engagement this last week that I have never been asked before: “What are your thoughts on children’s Bibles and the comic version of Biblical narratives?  Do you think that trivializes the Scripture or does it help kids understand?”  Like I said, I had never been asked that question before and to be honest, I’d never really given it much thought until last...

Sick: Gay Activist George Takei’s Alleged Sex Assault


He played Sulu years ago on Star Trek.  He plays an anti-Christian bigot on Twitter in real life. And now, LGBT activist George Takei has found himself caught up in the internal demolition of Hollywood as a cesspool of vile degradation to virtually everyone who gets close to it.  For so long, the glitterati of Hollywood have paraded through award shows, down red carpets, and in front of fawning...

They Really Can’t Be Making This Into a Movie, Right?


Sandra Bullock has always been one of my favorite actresses in Hollywood.  “That girl…from the bus” as Frank Costanza famously immortalized her in Seinfeld lore, referring to Bullock’s breakout lead in the blockbuster Speed, has played a litany of endearing roles throughout her career. It seems she has decided to part with the endearing side of her reputation: Actress Sandra Bullock has...

We Lost the “Gay Wars” Culturally…But Now We Win Spiritually


Looking back on it, I’m not sure how any of us could have honestly thought cultural acceptance of “alternative sexuality,” its embrace of immorality, its futile attempt at rewriting God’s eternal laws of marriage was ever in question.  I’m not suggesting that Christians should not have engaged the culture with the truth about each of those things, but just that perhaps we shouldn’t have expected...

Hey Liberals, If Comedians are Your Spokesmen, Your Ideology is a Joke


One of the most cringe-worthy things to watch is when really smart people – philosophers, scientists, deep thinkers – try their hand at comedy.  It’s so uncomfortable, so unnatural, so painful, their attempts often become fodder for actual comedians. What’s strange is that those same comedians don’t seem to recognize that the exact same spectacle takes place when they try their hand at deep...

Not Free Speech: Time for a Legislative War on Pornography


In the aftermath of the sexual misconduct accusations against Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Bill O’Reilly, Roger Ailes, Mark Halperin, Ben Affleck, and about 50 other powerful men in America, thinking people should be making an observation.  A country that is rightfully outraged by their behavior should be scolded and rebuked for mocking Vice President Mike Pence a few months ago when it became...

Pro-Choice People Seem to Be Really Anti-Choice


It’s always been one of the greatest misnomers in the American lexicon.  For years, those who believe that a pregnant mother should possess the right to have her unborn offspring mutilated and dismembered in the womb have labeled themselves “pro-choice.”  The rationale is that they believe in the “choice” of women to have an abortion if they want one. When called what, to be fair, many of them...

Hillsong Minister Exposes His Heart – May God Forgive Him


On the surface, Carl Lentz is almost a perfect parody of the hip, trendy, mega-church minister that seemingly spends more time in front of his make-up mirror than his Bible, more time consulting stylists than commentaries.  But writing off this pastor-to-the-celebrities of Los Angeles and New York City in such a way would be the textbook definition of judging a book by its cover – something that...

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