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Phil is a researcher and consultant who spends most of his time in the commercial real estate industry. He maintains a strong interest in matters of faith, culture, and politics. In 2012, Phil became the founder and sole member of Tattooed Vegetarian Motorcyclists for Romney.

Kudos to Democrats for Substantive Symbolism


Sometimes horrific events bring out the better angels of human character. The Democratic baseball team has exemplified this after yesterday’s shooting that left Republican Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise in critical condition and wounded three others. In the moments after the shooting, the Democrats prayed for the victims in their dugout: My House Democrats colleagues and I saying a prayer...

Chasers of Chariots and Horses get Goliath, not David


Politico is out with fresh analysis of the apparently confounding alliance between President Trump and the religious right. This comes in the wake of the President’s appearance at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s annual event last Thursday, literally coincident with former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. The piece, queasily subtitled “A Match Made...

Atlantans Unite for Anthem at Soccer Match


What do you do on a stormy Saturday night when the sporting event you’ve been waiting for all day is delayed and the stadium’s public address system isn’t working? If you’re an Atlanta United soccer fan, you sing the national anthem. That’s what happened this weekend inside Bobby Dodd Stadium before the local team (known as the Five Stripes) went out and thrashed the Houston Dynamo 4-1 in the...

Unsurprising: Hillary Clinton Blames October Surprise for Her Loss


Hillary Clinton is obsessed with the biggest two-letter word in the English language: if. Perhaps we shouldn’t be too hard on her. Anyone who came so close to the most powerful office in the land would no doubt be in similar torment. But the thrust of her comments to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour suggest that if the former Secretary of State is engaging in any self-flagellation over her mistakes on...

Current “Repeal” Bill Leaves More Uninsured than Actual Repeal


The Congressional Budget Office estimates that if the existing GOP health care bill becomes law, 24 million fewer people will have health insurance in 2026 than if the Affordable Care Act were to remain in place. This makes sense, of course, if for no other reason than uninsured people would no longer be criminals (sorry, tax evaders) – a powerful incentive to be insured. But The New York...

Religious Liberty Gets the Scare Quote Treatment


According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, some Georgia lawmakers have introduced yet another bill to enact a state religious freedom restoration act (RFRA). This looks to be an even-more-watered-down version than the milquetoast bill Governor Deal lacked the courage to sign last year (which itself was scaled back from the one from which Vice President Pence retreated when he was still...

Evangelical Relief Organization Forced to Downsize


World Relief, the humanitarian organization established by the National Association of Evangelicals, announced yesterday that it is closing five offices and laying off over 140 employees. This comes as a result of President Trump’s executive order reducing the number of refugees allowed into the United States during the current fiscal year. While battles in court over the “travel...

No Surprise: Neil Gorsuch Believes in an Independent Judiciary


Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut met with Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch yesterday, and he did not miss an opportunity to highlight a disagreement Gorsuch has with the president who nominated him. Referencing President Trump’s “so-called judge” line about James Robart, Blumenthal said this: “[Gorsuch] certainly expressed to me that he is...

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