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BrewBrawl Week 7: Eagles vs Cowboys


Welcome back, BrewBrawl fans! Hard to believe it’s already Sunday. Of course it’s always painful to think about starting the work week all over again tomorrow morning. But thankfully, we still have one more night to kick our feet up and enjoy ourselves. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the good part– Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys. [Rules Refresh:...

BrewBrawl Week 6: Seahawks vs Cardinals


Hello again, craft beer fans. This installment of BrewBrawl covers last week’s Sunday Night Football game, Seahawks vs Cardinals. This is an uncommon matchup, as both teams were assigned similar styles of IPA. So, without further delay– let’s play BrewBrawl! [Rules Refresh: Based solely on name and/or label appearance, a craft beer is assigned by me to each team. The matchup’s...

BrewBrawl Week 5: Colts vs Texans


Hard to believe but Sunday night is here once again. Which, luckily for me, means it’s time to crack-open a couple more craft beers… Ahh, where does the time go anyway? As many of you already know, this week’s matchup is Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans. And, although I am a bit embarrassed to admit it, there’s probably not two other teams in the entire NFL that I know...

BrewBrawl Week 4: Giants vs Packers


Another great autumn weekend, another amazing opportunity for two of my favorite things– football and craft beer! This Sunday’s matchup, New York Giants vs Green Bay Packers, has all the makings of a very interesting game. While both are recent Superbowl champions, the 2016-17 season is off to a rocky start, with both unexpectedly defeated by the injury-plagued Minnesota Vikings. As...

BrewBrawl Week 3: Chiefs vs Steelers


Welcome back, beer lovers! This week’s highly-anticipated matchup is: Kansas City Chiefs vs Pittsburg Steelers Before kickoff, I must admit– I am very excited to try these two brews. Unlike last week, I enjoyed a variety of brands to pick from, and therefore could draft the most enticing options for each team. [Rules Refresh: Based solely on name and/or label appearance, a craft beer...

BrewBrawl Week 2: Bears vs Cowboys


Happy weekend, beer fans! This week we have an exciting match-up: Chicago Bears vs Dallas Cowboys And while they may be two of the most widely-known NFL franchises, finding their corresponding ‘team beer’ based solely on packaging was a bit difficult this week… You would think there’d be at least ONE beer label with a bear on it somewhere in this relatively trendy liquor...

American Experiment Is Ending As It Began


Absent from the faux-news, feigned outrage and brain-eating filth of Election 2016, lurks the only certain and unavoidable tragedy for mankind. It’s not Donald Trump with the nuclear football. That’s shocking, I know. And ironically enough, it also isn’t the most-corrupt candidate to ever become the nominee of a major American political party. It’s not the greedy banks or those cold-hearted...

Let’s Play… BrewBrawl!


We’ve all skimmed those bland reviews for appealing craft beer. But in the midst of 2016 politics, it only seems fitting to trash convention and embrace the outlandish— well, at least for the remainder of football season. Therefore, with exceeding eccentricity, I am honored to present the first official season of “American BrewBrawl!” The rules are simple: Based solely on name and/or label...

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