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Roy Moore Was Not Kicked Out For Disobeying The Law


As an Alabama voter, I am seeing a lot of people claiming that Roy Moore doesn’t “respect the law” or that he disobeyed the Constitution somehow. Ironically, many of the people making these claims are so-called “conservatives” or “republicans” that are simply parroting left-wing talking points. However, regardless of any propaganda, these facts are...

Randy Brinson: Governor Should Call For Ethics Hearing On Luther Strange


NEW: Following our article last Friday about the Alabama Ethics Commission delaying their hearing on possibly felony campaign finance violations by Senator Luther Strange until the day after his special election on the 15th, one of his opponents – Dr. Randy Brinson – announced a press conference for this afternoon. We streamed it live on our Facebook Page here and here, or you can...

Alabama Ethics Commission Delays Hearing On Luther Strange Finance Violations


Over the past few months, we here at The Resurgent have been covering the corruption surrounding newly appointed US Senator Luther Strange in great detail. Now, The Resurgent has learned that the hearing on multiple alleged campaign finance violations committed by Luther Strange have been mysteriously delayed until the day after the special election primary in which he is running to keep the seat...

Donald Trump’s Easy Solution To His Jeff Sessions Problem


Eureka! I got it! I have discovered an easy solution to solve this little kerfuffle between Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions. As an Alabama Republican voter and consultant, I would like to propose a trade: give us back Jeff Sessions, and we’ll give you Luther Strange. We’ll put ‘ol Jeff back in his Senate seat, and you can make Luther Strange your Attorney General. This deal is a...

Trip Pittman On Philosophy And Running For The US Senate: “Liberty Requires Responsibility”


The following interview and analysis is part of our continuing series of exclusive articles on the special US Senate election in Alabama, and the surrounding drama.  About the Author: Trey Edwards is a conservative GOP strategist that works in Alabama. Analysis and opinions are his alone.  A couple weeks ago, we conducted an interview with Alabama State Senator Trip Pittman (R-Baldwin County)...

Liberal Group Accidentally Boosts Conservative Roy Moore’s Campaign On Facebook (Analysis)


About The Author: Trey Edwards is a social media and strategy specialist that works primarily for GOP political campaigns in Alabama.  This past week, I read an article that was in my news feed (I’ll explain why in a moment) that talked about former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore’s campaign for United States Senate being “trolled” by a group of liberals that were swarming his page and...

Betsy DeVos Appoints FIRE Vice-President To Prominent Post


Betsy DeVos is probably the most controversial appointment by President Donald Trump among conservatives. I have seen a lot of concern from people on my side of the aisle that she won’t do anything to advance conservative causes on the education front. Conservatives and Republicans are pretty split on the issue of charter schools, but two topics that most people on the right side of the...

A Strange State Of Corruption


  Luther Strange’s suspect ascension to the US Senate is just the latest in a series of bizarre House of Cards-esque corruption scandals that have shocked the state of Alabama. If you’ve been paying any kind of attention to the recent slew of corruption and sex scandals originating from the Alabama state capital, you can’t help but wonder if this isn’t all some kind of orchestrated dramatic...

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