Chad Connelly For Congress


There is a special election in South Carolina for OMB Director Mick Mulvaney’s congressional seat. A lot of good candidates are running, but I think the best candidate is Chad Connelly. Chad is the former chairman of the South Carolina GOP and really helped revitalize and grow the party in that state. I know Chad and his faith commitment, which I know he values. I also know his willingness...

Ted Cruz Endorses Mike Crane in Georgia’s Third Congressional District


This is a hotly contested runoff in Georgia. Mike Crane is the conservative in the race. I’m supporting him and he also has the Club for Growth and others supporting him. He is running against an establishment squish who the entirety of the establishment world is vomiting over about how awesome the opponent it. It is because Mike Crane’s opponent will just be a yes man. Mike Crane is...

Darryl Glenn for Colorado


If conservatives wonder who they should support in Colorado’s Republican Senate primary, they should stop wondering and support Darryl Glenn. The choice in this primary could not be clearer. Of the two major candidates in the Republican primary, Darryl Glenn has opposed consideration of Judge Garland for the Supreme Court and Jack Graham wants to give Judge Garland a hearing. Had Judge...

In Indiana, Jim Banks Gets Another Big Endorsement


Jim Banks is our choice for Indiana’s Third Congressional District and now in addition to The Resurgent, the Club for Growth, and others, he is picking up the endorsement of Citizens United Political Victory Fund.
That’s terrific news for Jim. He is a great guy and I highly, highly recommend conservatives support him.

Jim Banks for Congress


I supported Marlin Stutzman in Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District when Marlin ran the first time. He won and is moving up to the Indiana Senate race. That leaves the 3rd district vacant and I hope you will join me in supporting Jim Banks for Congress. Jim currently chairs the Veterans Committee in the Indiana State Senate and is very familiar with the federal government’s treatment...

Jim Duncan for North Carolina’s Second Congressional District


It would not be a site run by me without a willingness to support good candidates within Republican Primaries. I am delighted to make the first endorsement at The Resurgent be of Jim Duncan for North Carolina’s Second Congressional District. Jim Duncan is running against Renee Ellmers, who rode the tea party wave of 2010 to Washington only to turn her back on those who got her elected and...

Members of Congress Should Support Marlin Stutzman


The leadership shake up in the wake of Eric Cantor’s defeat is maddening. Raul Labrador looks to be more of a protest vote than a serious challenge. In the whip spot to replace McCarthy there are three candidates: Scalise, Peter Roskam, and Marlin Stutzman. Roskam is pretty terrible. He has a 52% on Heritage’s scorecard. He’s not trusted by conservatives. And he is terrible on |...

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