Watching Game of Thrones as a Christian


I once called Game of Thrones “torture porn” and refused to watch it. I had tried, several times, to watch it and it was filled with blood, gore, nudity, and sex — not something a Christian should engage with. The first time I tried to watch it I was on an airplane. I had it on my iPad and became mindful of a kid in the aisle seat one row back and across watching what I was...

Christians in a Post-Christian Nation – The Benedict Option


American orthodox Christians are besieged. We are inhabiting an increasingly secular society in which atheism is at record levels. The Sexual Revolution has culminated in rampant divorce, millions of aborted children, and pervasive consumption of pornography. The LGBT movement has succeeded in winning the acceptance of mainstream society, and is seeking to cast conservative Christians out of...

Cars 3 is Satisfying Redemption


Don’t question the Cars universe. It is what it is–if you can’t make the jump then don’t see Cars 3 (and you probably won’t anyway). But if you do enter in, you’ll be treated to a more human, more realistic, more redeeming film than many human, non-animated, grown-up films in theaters. Cars 3 is a satisfying redemption of the Cars series, especially given the...

A Great Backpack for Photographers


I just spent a week in northern Arizona and the Grand Canyon. Over the past year, my wife insisted I needed a hobby other than cooking, so she signed me up for a photography class. I fell in love with it and have been investing in both learning and cameras and lenses. I switched from a Canon to Sony’s a7rii camera and now have several very nice lenses too. Heading to Arizona, I wanted a...

Sony Alpha: The Star Eater


If you follow me on Instagram you’ll notice it is both the one place I rarely engage in politics and also one of my hobbies has increasingly become astrophotography. I sit out in the quiet of the night and take pictures of the stars, nebulas, and planets. The picture above is one I took of the Orion nebula with a Canon 70D attached to my telescope. I’m just starting out and have a lot...

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 — Very Funny, But the First Was Better


I took my kids to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and wish I had not. The jokes were more crude, the dick jokes more voluminous, and the sex talk greater than the first. The movie doubled down on the crudity and amped up the profanity to deliver as many laughs per minute as possible at the expense of plot points and consistency. It was a very funny money. Chris Pratt does a great job as does...

How We Monitor Our Kids’ Internet Usage


I get asked this question a lot and I have been heavily recommending others do what we have started doing. We got the Circle from Disney. It is super-duper easy to set up, let’s us monitor our kids time on devices, and even lets us provide restrictions and bonuses. The Circle plugs into a wall outlet. Using an app on your phone, you connect it to your wifi. Then, as devices connect to your...

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