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Bake This Particular Cake, Bigot


The American media would have you believe there is a concerted effort among Christians in America to discriminate against gay Americans. “No gays allowed,” they claim small Christian business owners are saying. It is a fiction created to avoid dealing with the facts.

Former Aussie PM Takes a Headbutt, Presumably Over His Views on Traditional Marriage


It looks like the Crocodile Dundee stereotype of Australians as rough-around-the-edges in all things has a grain of truth, even when it comes to the debate over same-sex marriage in the country. The run-up to the upcoming referendum on marriage appears to have become particularly unconventional and passionate. Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott was on the receiving end of a bizarre act of violence...

You’d Think Someone Got Murdered in Nashville


They called it "hatred," "bigotry," "mean spiritedness" and more. What these liberals are complaining about is something called "The Nashville Statement." The Nashville Statement does not do anything new. In fact, it is quite ancient. But to the left, which has no sense of history, The Nashville Statement is a new form of bigotry and nastiness. I dare say the people screaming about The Nashville...

California Law Seeks to Punish Other States For Allowing Religious Groups to Exist


The left’s ongoing war against religion has escalated to a new and absurd level. California now has a law that prohibits state funded travel to states it believes discriminate against the BLT&G community. The latest target is Kansas. Why? Well, Kansas has a law that allows religious groups to exist on college campuses. Since a Christian group would want a Christian in charge of it and...

The Perfect Example of Media Disconnect


Pay attention to this “Muslim Ban” (it’s not a Muslim ban) issue as it is CRITICAL in helping the media understand its newfound failure to read the pulse of the public.  The public is DROWNING in liberalism from the media and its communist Hollywood allies.  I could cite examples but that would involve more effort than I’m willing to put into this.  DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! ...

What’s Happening to Kim Burrell Is a Reminder For Christian Boldness


You will be made to care. The left demands that Christians give up tenets of their faith and important parts of the Gospel. In particular, the left demands that all calls for repentance be silenced if those calls reflect on the specific nature of sin. Kim Burrell is a gospel singer who is the latest target of the left in their war to make us care. She gave a sermon at Love and Liberty Fellowship...

Stop Bigotry Against Christians in America. Demand Federal Religious Liberty Legislation.


Yesterday, Kate Aurthur at BuzzFeed maliciously targeted Chip and Joanna Gaines because they are Bible believing Christians. Aurthur’s article at BuzzFeed attempted to harm them and their television success because the church they attend supports real marriage, which BuzzFeed’s editorial policy decries as bigotry. We are going to see this more and more nationally. TAKE ACTION Over the...

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