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To Get Rid of Cockroach Goodell, Litigation Is ‘The Way We Do Things’ In The NFL


I have never liked Roger Goodell. He has made the top brick of America’s prized sport–football–into a lawyer-infested pyramid scheme, at the expense of the game. Instead of acting in the interests of football, which, by the way, exists for the benefit and entertainment of fans, he’s become the cockroach lawyer hiding from the light at the head of an increasingly corrupt...

The Greatest Tweet of All


When it comes to Twitter trolling, there are some who are simply in a class by themselves.  Sonny Bunch of the Washington Free Beacon, with his unconditional love of the movie Sucker Punch and his defense of Miracle Whip, comes to mind.  Then there’s Comfortably Smug, who’s the kind of guy who probably would have taken up for Tonya Harding if social media had been around in those days, just...

Conservatives, we must stay focused


Distraction (per Wikipedia) – “the process of diverting the attention of an individual or group from a desired area of focus … caused by: the lack of ability to pay attention; lack of interest in the object of attention; or the great intensity, novelty or attractiveness of something other than the object of attention.” [emphasis added] Aside from our sinful nature, distraction may be...

Are We Sure About Roy Moore, Or Do You Just Hate Him?


To hear most of you reading this tell it, Moore is a serial child molester. In fact, I dare say Moore is hurt by his cultural, social conservatism because it is a common view among the left and probably even more than a few on the right that anyone who is outspoken about homosexuality is a closet homosexual; anyone outspoken about child abuse is a child abuser; and anyone who lives a reserved...

Our Pivot to Video


“Pivoting to video” was a funny plot line from an HBO show about Silicon Valley, but it was taken pretty literally by folks at MTV and elsewhere. They abandoned a number of digital efforts and announced they were “pivoting to video”. The Resurgent is doing its own pivot, but not really to video, but to you. You get to write here now too. We have explored platforms and...

Breitbart Confirms Key Details of the Washington Post’s Roy Moore Account


Things are getting worse for Roy Moore as Breitbart tries to help salvage his campaign. In trying to undermine the Washington Post’s story, Breitbart actually manages to confirm a key detail deeply relevant to the veracity of the story. Leigh Corfman, one of the women involved, did not want her story out there. According to Breitbart’s reporting, the Washington Post badgered her into...

Are Conservatives Tired Of Winning Yet?


    As a candidate, Donald Trump promised Republicans that “We are going to win so much that you may even get tired of winning.” Over the past year, I’ve noticed that the president’s supporters and conservative critics don’t seem to share the same definition of “winning.” A few times recently the different views of winning have come to the surface. When Donald Trump tweeted, “Why would...

The Fight For State Legislatures Begins


The drubbing Republicans took on Tuesday revealed more than just a window into the looming battle for control of the U.S. Senate and House chambers next year. The shocking losses endured by Republican members in the Virginia House of Delegates highlight an imminent battle for something many political talking heads have never paid much attention to, but a sector of American government that wields...

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