Japan to Host First Asia CPAC Conference


CPAC, or the Conservative Political Action Conference, is going global. It was revealed recently that the annual conservative confab annually held in D.C. every winter — with occasional regional stops— is being held in Japan from December 16-17, 2017. Conservative Political Action Conferencehttps://t.co/3lpsOMyMShこのCPACが史上初めて、日本に上陸します。これがJ-CPAC 2017です。アジアでも史上初めてのCPACになります。皆さま、ご期待ください — J...

Greg Gianforte and the Tribalism of Politics


By now it’s a familiar pattern:  The news media, trying to create the narrative of a growing backlash against Donald Trump, descends on an election in a Republican-leaning district where the polling indicates that maybe the Democrat has a chance for an upset.  This, they say, is proof that Trump has so disgusted the country that even the voters who elected him are now turning their backs...

Is the Filibuster Holding Back Third Parties?


I had an interesting conversation with my father-in-law the other day, during which he posited the question about why third parties have had such a tough time gaining traction in American politics.  Sure, we’ve flirted with them a few times over the years–think of the Reform Party, which brought us the likes of Ross Perot and Jesse “the Body” Ventura–but they...

Donald Trump Advances on These Conservative Fronts


I maintain a healthy skepticism toward President Trump’s Administration. I must concede he has surrounded himself with a lot of good, competent people. His appointments within the executive branch have been stellar. I must also concede that increasingly many of his gut level reactions are recognizably conservative. But I also think his Twitter behavior, lack of strategic planning...

Berkeley Cancels Coulter Speech, Ann Tells Them to Stick It


There’s a quintessential moment in Star Trek III when Admiral James T. Kirk, upon being asked by his crew if Starfleet Command will allow them to attempt a rescue of their fallen comrade Mr. Spock, tells them, “The word is no.  I am therefore going anyway.”  I don’t know if Ann Coulter has ever seen the movie, but she definitely appears to be channeling that spirit in her...

My Conversation With Glenn Beck About the Conservative/Liberal Divide


After reading my post from yesterday, Glenn Beck Rebooted, Glenn and his happy warriors Pat, Stu and Jeffy were kind enough to invite me to appear on the show.  We talked about Glenn’s efforts to bridge the liberal/conservative divide and get people talking to each other rather than screaming at each other, and the risks and difficulties involved in kicking that particular hornet’s...

BREAKING: Tomi Lahren Suspended From The Blaze


After this weekend, followed by conservative talker, Glenn Beck’s tweets on the matter this morning, we knew some sort of news would be coming down regarding Tomi Lahren’s position with The Blaze. Now sources close to the situation seem to indicate that Lahren’s attempts to be the edgy, “WOO-girl” of conservatism – more flash than principle – may have earned her a time out. Lahren’s show is...

Glenn Beck Rebooted


Let me start by just saying that I miss the old Glenn Beck. No, not Glenn Beck the firebrand, or Glenn Beck the Christmas Sweater guy, or even Glenn Beck the Time magazine cover boy giving the raspberry to his detractors on the left. The Glenn Beck I actually miss was the one I used to hear on 970 WFLA in my home market of Tampa Bay, where he started the talk radio phase of his career doing...

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