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To Debate Sanders, Trump Suggests Raising $10 Million For…Planned Parenthood?

By  |  May 26, 2016, 05:45pm  |  @stevengberman

After making a thoughtless offer to debate Bernie Sanders on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday night, Trump answered reporters’ questions about the details.

If you haven’t seen the video, watch it below. Trump tells so many inflated lies about his “landslides” and “rigged systems” in just the first 90 seconds, I lost count.

Sanders immediately accepted the offer.

Then Trump told reporters he’d love to debate Bernie, but it would cost a lot, “Something over $10 million.”

“If we can raise for maybe women’s health issues or something, if we can raise $10 or $15 million for charity,” Trump said.

Everyone knows that “women’s health issues” is liberal code talk for abortion. I mean, have you ever heard a conservative raise money for women’s health issues? I haven’t, because there’s no charity for that outside of Planned Parenthood, the baby butchers. Did Donald Trump really suggest that $10 million be donated to that organization?

Let’s be reminded of what Trump and Planned Parenthood said of each other.

Trump said “They do some very good work, cervical cancer, lots of women’s issue–women’s health issues are taken care of…Planned Parenthood does a lot of good job–a really good job at a lot of different areas but not on abortion.” PP CEO Cecile Richards responded “…I appreciate his kind words. We’re very proud of our work…”

A debate between Sanders and Trump can only help Trump and hurt Hillary Clinton. She would have no response other than to ignore the debate, which would make her seem irrelevant; or attack both Sanders and Trump, which would make her seem more irrelevant. Sanders has nothing to lose.

If I had to guess what will happen, the debate will probably never materialize. Trump has to work toward the July convention in Cleveland, pick a running mate, and raise cash. A stunt like debating Sanders would be a longshot. By tying the debate to a huge check to “women’s health issues” he may have given himself a great way to back out.