If everyone reading this right now contributed just $10.00, we could operate the Resurgent for the next year and then some. Not everyone will do so. But I hope you might consider it. The contribution link is here.

Here’s what we are doing in the next year. We will be:

  • launching our new site just after Christmas along with a rebranding.
  • starting a new national radio program and podcast.
  • holding the next Resurgent Gathering in Atlanta in August.
  • providing new tools to connect our readers and listeners with candidates and campaigns in the real world.
  • expanding existing activist tools to connect you to policy makers about legislative initiatives at the state and federal level.

But for all these things, we need your help.

For example, we need $11,000.00 for the redesign. We need $5500.00 for some hardware purchases related to the radio and podcast production. Our activism package alone costs $8400.00. These costs add up and we are dependent on the generosity of our readers to help.

If everyone contributed just $10.00, we could could fund all of this, our payroll costs, etc. for more than a year. If you are willing to be one of those people who help, please go here.

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