#100ForLife — Honor Those Killed by Planned Parenthood, and Pray for Conversion

On Sunday, Planned Parenthood will celebrate 100 years of existence. At The Stream, we’re encouraging people to pray for the conversion of those in the abortion industry, and to turn a depressing anniversary into one for life and God.

We’re calling it #100ForLife. If you want to join us online, feel free to use the hashtag and share stories found on the site. On the prayer side, here’s what we’re recommending:

#100forLife is also a 100-hour prayer vigil. For those who are so led, we ask you to set aside a specific hour between Wednesday at 8 a.m. and noon on Sunday, October 16 to pray for:

  • The nation to rid itself of this evil
  • The hearts of those who reject the preciousness of life
  • The scared who face an unexpected pregnancy
  • The women who’ve experienced an abortion
  • The Lord’s forgiveness for accepting and glorifying a culture of death
  • Each and every precious and sacred baby’s breath.

Other pro-life groups are using the hashtag #100YearsOfAbuse, highlighting Planned Parenthood’s many moral and legal sins. With #100forlife, we’ll be doing that, but we’re also going to be promoting prayer, and reminding people of the power and importance of life.

One important thing we’re hoping to bring to the fore is the importance of conversion. Planned Parenthood employees are causing others and themselves grievous harm. To quote Pro-Life Action League’s Eric Scheidler:

“It would be easy to demonize people working at Planned Parenthood, aiding and abetting the nation’s largest abortion business,” he continued. “But this encounter underscored what we’ve learned from others who have left that organization: that they are regular people, whose consciences are often deeply troubled by what goes on behind the doors of Planned Parenthood’s 631 facilities.”

Planned Parenthood is an awful organization, and abortion is a scourge on the nation’s conscience. We all have a part in trying to end it.

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