$20 Million to Bury Trump in June

I’ve been telling everyone this was coming. Trump won’t be the Republican until the end of July, even if he has 1,237 delegates. He is not the nominee until the convention. Trump also does not have an aggressive fundraising operation and has burned bridges with major donors. Taking advantage of all of that, the Democrats are going to dump $20 million in negative ads against Trump in swing states in the month of June alone.

That is exactly what Democrats did to Mitt Romney and Trump gives them even more ammo. And for those who have bought into the myth of Trump being worth $10 billion, he is not and even if he were a major billionaire, his assets are tied up in golf courses and buildings, which could not be readily liquidated.

This is going exactly as so many of us predicted.

This is also why Ted Cruz needs to stay in until June 7th — he needs to keep his delegate strategy alive so the delegates might be able to save us in July.

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