Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum Try to Challenge Ted Cruz

Remember that scene in Iowa? Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum headed off to an event with Donald Trump after failing to get traction. Both thought Iowa was theirs having seized on Christian conservative sentiment in 2008 and 2012? Now, with Ted Cruz taking all the oxygen away from them they were bitter and, plotting with the establishment, out to get Cruz. They showed up at a Donald Trump rally where they did the “kneel before Zod” routine while attacking Cruz.

They are still at it, having never forgiven Ted Cruz for beating them in Iowa. Their latest ploy is to get an establishment challenger against Cruz who will pretend to be to Cruz’s right.

Bruce Jacobson, the executive producer of a Christian cable television show called called Life Today TV, has been quietly weighing a run against Cruz, according to a spokeswoman for the group Texans for Texas.

Jacobson has not returned phone calls from The Dallas Morning News, but a decision to launch his campaign could come within days. The filing period for the March primaries starts in November.

Texans for Texas, a super PAC that’s been around for about a year, is having a fundraiser Monday in North Richland Hills, where Jacobson lives. He’s listed as the event’s special guest.

According to Federal Election Commission reports, the group has raised $25,000 for the 2018 elections.…

Jacobson, who is well-known among Christian conservatives, could court support from former presidential contenders such as former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

Apparently, Jacobson isn’t even a principled conservative like Cruz. He’s just a Huckabee sort of clone who talks Jesus while being okay with growing the secular state. And notice that last paragraph. There are some people wondering what the actual relationship is there. I’m told pretty reliably that Huckabee is pushing this and Santorum is probably connected. That paragraph about getting their support was not a random, throw away paragraph.

Cruz already has one establishment hack coming after him from the left within the GOP primary. The guy is a lawyer who claims Cruz isn’t playing well with Mitch McConnell. Now we’re going to get this guy pretending to come at Cruz from the right. The media will love both so they can attack Cruz from all sides. But if I were Cruz, I’d be looking around thinking I’ve got attacks from left and from pretend right, so I must be doing something actually right.

By the way, don’t think the timing here is coincidental. Steve Bannon came out yesterday and said Cruz would be the one GOP Senator who does not get challenged in 2018 in the primaries. Huckabee probably wants to assert his supposed power and influence, not that he really has much.

Trump Was Right: Guess Whose Statue the Social Justice Left Just Went After

Far be it from me to defend President Trump’s verbal tirades, but sometimes fairness requires us all to recognize he was more correct than his critics want to admit. Several weeks ago, when the progressive left’s Outrage of the Day ™ was Confederate monuments, Trump held a press conference and posed this question:

This week, it is Robert E Lee and this week, Stonewall Jackson. Is it George Washington next? You have to ask yourself, where does it stop?

It was a prescient question and, whether it was intended or not, exposed the endgame of this unrelenting progressive cultural assault. If statues must be removed due to sinful ideas or conduct of fallen men, there will eventually be no statues.

If that sounds like a slippery slope stretch, then consider what just happened on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison:

The University of Wisconsin-Madison chancellor has shot down a student government request that a plaque be placed near an on-campus statue of Abraham Lincoln describing what they see as the president’s culpability in massacres of Native Americans.

Even someone you would think would be safe (at least for awhile) from the revisionist left, the Great Emancipator Abraham Lincoln, is a pariah to social justice warriors. He may have been great on ending slavery at the end of a bayonet, but he didn’t execute enough people for the massacre of Sioux natives that happened when he was president.

And keep in mind, the plaque request was the social justice warriors’ idea of compromise:

Mariah Skenandore, a co-president of an indigenous student organization called Wunk Sheek, said refusing to place a plaque by Lincoln’s statue represents the university’s continued oppression of minority students.  “They don’t acknowledge the impact that it is having on their students, and I’m impacted by [the statue] every day,” Skenandore said. “I think the plaque is the least the university can do.”

“The least” it can do? What would be preferable? It’s not a stretch to think that the answer offered by these offended leftists would be to tear Abe down.

In terms of the complaint itself, it’s hardly surprising that the students get their history wrong anyway. But things like facts, reality, and context are all secondary concerns to the larger allegiance and promotion of the narrative cause – no matter how dumb it may be.

The Abortion Crowd Couldn’t Afford This Scandal

It is altogether unsurprising that the leftist mainstream media is getting Congressman Tim Murphy’s abortion scandal completely backwards. As much as progressive pro-aborts are desperate to make Murphy’s shame an embarrassment to the pro-life movement, it is actually the exact opposite.

This sorry situation once against demonstrates in vivid colors that legal abortion doesn’t empower women as we’re told; it empowers men to be able to use women for sex and then push them into a physically dangerous and emotionally traumatic procedure so that they can emerge unscathed and unencumbered.

If there were an oppressive patriarchy in America, it would be the fiercest defender of Roe v. Wade. The question is, why would any woman take their side?

Every Time the President Focuses on a Policy, That Cabinet Secretary Disappears

What are the President’s big initiatives? Dealing with Obamacare would be one. Immigration would be another. Dealing with North Korea, China, and Russia would be a third — the reset of foreign policy.

Now look at the Cabinet.

We are without a Secretary of Health and Human Services. The President is promising action on healthcare now, but he is without his Secretary. Perhaps he can speed things up. Perhaps not.

We are without a Secretary of Homeland Security. The President has been sending mixed signals on immigration and has no Secretary of Homeland Security to help him implement his policies and give him advice.

We are, it would appear, soon to be without a Secretary of State.

It seems each time the President’s interests move to an area, that Secretary falls. With Price, to be sure, there are areas in which HHS could have moved faster, but as I understand it they were moving slowly to preemptively address concerns that would be raised in the inevitable lawsuit from the left. But, there is still a pattern here.

If the President were to announce a major education initiative, we could expect to see Betsy DeVos ousted. New initiatives on government housing? Expect to see Ben Carson ousted. It is becoming a familiar pattern that should worry the White House.

Real or imagined, when the President starts focusing on an area of policy that Cabinet Secretary’s days seem numbered. Only with Homeland Security is it anomalous because General Kelly was moved to the White House. Even then, though, as the President revisits and revises DACA, there is no Secretary of Homeland Security.

Monsters Among Us

“Well, he’s a private citizen,” say progressives who think there is a big difference between Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump. That was also the excuse a New York Times editor used to kill the story several years ago as claims of abuse piled up.

Republicans can legitimately counter that Democrats first turned a blind eye when a series of women came forward claiming Bill Clinton sexually assaulted them. He was President of the United States and leftwing interest groups defended him to the hilt because his power was their power. In the same way, Donald Trump’s power is the GOP’s power now and they will defend him.

In the same way, much of Hollywood is now making excuses for Weinstein, being quiet, and lots of Democrats are keeping his money. One need not look far for counter examples of the media and left’s behavior. From Roger Ailes to Bill O’Reilly, the mere hint of impropriety was enough to demand scalps — demands now made by many of the people noticeably silent about Weinstein

The tit for tat, though, does not matter. What matters is that there are monsters all around us and each tribe has a vested interest in protecting their monsters when, instead, they should be turning on the lights and exposing them. It is never pleasant, but it would have been far more pleasant for the Catholic Church had it exposed the abusers instead of letting the body count pile up as it shuffled deck chairs. The same is true of Hollywood.

Matt Damon, one reporter alleges, intervened to stop the report on Harvey Weinstein that the New York Times did first scuttle in the name of him being a private citizen. What will be the repercussions for Damon? He is not alone.

And the truth is that though the left has several people on the right they will hold up as equivalents, few of them had the access, connections, and power of Weinstein. Even Trump arguably has less power than Weinstein from a few years ago. Sure, the man may be able to launch nukes, but the moral authority of the Presidency to do anything is all but gone and his administration leaks like the Titanic with a press ready to lap it all up to undermine him.

The silence around Weinstein and about Weinstein is noticeable.

But beyond the blame game there is this — both sides should clean up their own houses. The left, as it grows increasingly secular and amoral, is going to have a harder and harder time policing itself. Just look at the moral relativism engaged even now of Roman Polanski and Woody Allen. The right, though, must police itself as well. There were plenty of reasons I refused to support the President’s election and his character was at the top of the list. Many pastors have lost credibility to call on anyone to repent because of their flirtation with President Trump’s power. But their lost credibility has extended to many others. The same will hold true of the left.

All sides want access to power and will apologize for and cover for power. One of the coming hallmarks of a Christian in America, I think, will be their willingness to speak boldly to power instead of covering for it. As many cultural Christians more and more reflect the world of which they are apart, those of us who put our faith first must be willing to speak up against power and to power, even at risk of our fame and fortune. We should look distinctly different from the world.

In the world, there are monsters. We need more dragon slayers.