The Kevin Williamson Hire Is Another Reminder of Liberal Fascism

Kevin Williamson is one of the best writers of our age, left, right, or center. Having written at National Review for a good long time, the Atlantic hired him away. For that, you’d think the Atlantic had just butchered the last white rhino and dined on its flesh. The left is in yet another hysterical meltdown.

The Atlantic’s sin was not hiring Williamson, but a conservative. We’ve seen this reaction with the New York Times hiring conservatives, the Washington Post, etc., etc., etc. No conservative is acceptable to the left. They can abide no dissent. They cannot tolerate any opinions outside their bubble.

But the outrage serves another purpose. The left cranks it into high gear no matter the conservative because they want to disincentivize traditional media outlets making additional conservative hires and they also want to cajole and batter the conservative into pulling his punches.

I know of what I speak on this front. I got so tired of CNN regularly having to defend me over rather innocuous things that I was ready and willing to jump to Fox just to be rid of the constant outrage. It is a perpetual outrage machine designed to wear down both the publication or outlet and the conservative. The slightest nuance can cause the outrage machine to crank into high gear.

But the result is somewhat ironic. It necessitates that the conservative writers and pundits be on their A game at most times. It generates far sharper writing and punditry from the right than the left out of necessity. The left gets lazy and can get lazy. The right cannot. And Kevin Williamson won’t. He’s a sharp writer and will continue to be.