The Atlantic’s Moral Courage Died on a Battlefield in Iraq

Michael Kelly was the Editor of The Atlantic. He went off to the Iraq War to cover it and lost his life there. The Atlantic still gives out an award in his name. They should probably stop now. It is pretty clear they are nothing but cowards now.

It’s present editor, Jeffrey Goldberg, is a man the Obama White House fingered as easily manipulated so that he could and would help them sell the lies in their Iran deal. For all the moral courage Michael Kelly showed, Goldberg has shown himself to be a coddler of the elite, and a coward.

Goldberg hired the great Kevin Williamson away from William F. Buckley’s National Review where Kevin has been for a decade. A leftwing mob, led by abortion rights activists, swung into action against the hire. Goldberg stood firm for a few days and then, bowing to pressure, caved and fired Williamson.

Williamson, you see, thinks women who have abortions should be treated as guilty of murder. The left took a hyperbolic statement of Kevin’s and five minutes of a podcast to destroy his career. Williamson’s views are not a surprise to anyone and he was hired despite those views until they became inconvenient for Goldberg.

In turn, Goldberg explained his firing Williamson by saying he had to protect the little ladies at the Atlantic. They, you see, might be put at risk by Williamson’s thoughts.

A few years ago, the Atlantic named me the most powerful conservative in America. Laugh at that if you want. I did. They printed a very fair and even handed multipage profile by the ever awesome Molly Ball. It is safe to say that the person they once named the most powerful conservative in America could not get a job at that magazine and it is very likely no real conservative could either.