Blame Trump if You’re Outraged By the Michael Cohen Search Warrant

We have reached peak whataboutism in the United States and tit-for-tat politics. Many Trump supporters have a very legitimate concern that the FBI was lenient on Hillary Clinton while aggressively pursuing Donald Trump. There are lots of allegations out there that FBI agents involved in interviewing Clinton were sympathetic to her against Trump and wanted to help.
Regardless of the merits, however, that does not mean that the FBI should go soft on Donald Trump or Michael Cohen. The perception of unfairness is something the Trump Department of Justice needs to consider, but that does not mean the FBI should not fully investigate allegations of wrong doing.
It is possible Hillary Clinton did something wrong and also possible Donald Trump did something wrong. It is possible neither did. But regardless, there are serious allegations that should be looked into. I get the GOP need to try to discredit the investigation to protect their precious and I also get the perception of unfairness. But the FBI is a deeply professional organization as a whole and it is currently being overseen by people directly appointed by Donald Trump to their positions.
If Donald Trump’s political appointees at the Department of Justice are unable to steer this ship, that’s on Trump. He appointed them and said he only hired the best people. A subpoena of Trump’s lawyer would have gone through career professionals at the DOJ and then been approved by Trump appointees in the DOJ.
One of the damning partisan indictments of the Obama era is that his political appointees were ruthless in ignoring the rule of law to protect his administration. Whether true or fair, the fact is President Trump now staffs the senior level of the DOJ that approves these things. They are either not ruthless in ignoring the rule of law, which is a good thing, or they are staggeringly incompetent, which is a damning indictment on the man who appointed them.
I think case, if Republicans will allow themselves to get over their sense of grievance after eight years of Obama, reality should settle in. That reality is that Donald Trump’s partisan appointees in the Department of Justice approved a search warrant organized by careerists in the Department of Justice on behalf of Trump’s chosen US Attorney in New York because they have a reasonable suspicion that Michael Cohen has been up to no good.
If you don’t like that it happened, blame Trump. He picked the people who signed off on all this and he says he only hires the best. And if you don’t like that Hillary appears to have gotten off for a crime for which you think she should have been locked up, well that’s on Trump too. He’s the freaking Chief Executive of the United State of America and the Attorney General was his choice and has remained in that position through all this.