30,000+ Taking Ziglar Pro-Family Challenge

In my last book You Will Be Made to Care: The War on faith, Family and Your Freedom to Believe, my co-author Bill Blankschaen and I offered specific strategies to help us experience a resurgence of strong families in America.

My next book due this fall also seeks to strengthen families—and fathers especially.

As any of you know who listen to me on my show or read what I write here, family is very important to me.

That’s why I’m thrilled to see more than 30,000 families already coming together in the 7-Day Family Challenge from Ziglar Family.

I told you it was coming, and now it’s gaining some serious momentum—30,000+ in just four days with no end in sight.

Check out a few of the off-the-charts positive comments from the first few days of the Challenge:

  • “Just finished challenge #2. Good stuff. Yesterday, we all did the love language test online and it stimulated a lot of really good discussion. In fact, the results of the test were not what we expected and gave us the opportunity to apply the challenge the same day by putting into practice some of the results from our love language test. Exciting!”
  • “Had a wonderful talk around the dinner table last night. My daughter and I came up with 21 questions in a jar and we will pick one every night. These 3 days have been SOOOOO rich for our family, THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting this together for families, what a blessing!”
  • “Today’s challenge is really emotionally inviting which will go a long way to transform families.”
  • “Thank you for the inspiration! We have young children, 9 & 7, and we are all extroverts so lots of talking is done at dinner time in our home! My take-away from your sharing is the honoring concept, giving attention to each person and one conversation. I can see that bringing loyalty and respect in a new way for us.”
  • “I’m so inspired by the family legacy you all have created. Thank you for sharing with our family! My husband and I have a daily morning walk we take, but we’re going to try to add in a 20-minute walk as a family.”

In case you missed the details, you can discover more about the free Challenge here.

Bill Blankschaen has been instrumental in creating this Challenge to help today’s family experience a resurgence. The free Challenge delivers advice and a daily challenge from a stellar lineup of experts:

  • Dr. Gary Chapman (Relationships)
  • Michael and Gail Hyatt (Communication)
  • Dr. Josh Axe (Physical)
  • NFL coach Tony Dungy (Work-Life Integration)
  • Brian Buffini (Community)
  • Dave Ramsey (Financial)
  • Zig Ziglar’s own children, Tom, Cindy, and Julie (Spiritual). 

If you’re looking for practical ways to strengthen your family today, I encourage you to start now.

Click here to join this free pro-family movement. 




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