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4 Year Old Boy Suspended For Carrying Spent .22 Casing In School

Imagine this: you head to your 4-year old son’s preschool to pick him up at the end of the day. But instead of arriving to find a happy young boy waiting for you, you find a stern-faced teacher. This teacher informs you that your 4-year old son brought a “shotgun bullet” to school with him that day, and then has you escorted back to the office for a sit-down with the leadership. Confused thoughts run through your head – how did your son manage to bring a shotgun shell to school? He has no access to firearms or loaded ammunition. Your father has been carefully teaching him responsible gun safety using small rifles on the weekend, but he has never even been around a shotgun, much less had access to a loaded shell.

You sit down in the office, worry growing. An employee approaches you and coldly hands you the dreaded weapon of mass destruction. You look at it, confused. What is this? This isn’t a shotgun shell. This is an empty, perfectly harmless, tiny .22 casing. Before you can say anything, you are informed that your son has been suspended from the preschool for seven days, in order to “correct these [violent] behaviors.” You are given a letter that informs you that if these “issues continue to be present,” your son will be expelled. Not only that, but the Vice-Principal tells you that he is notifying DCS about your child’s behavior.

This is exactly what happened to one mom in Troy, Illinois. Kristy Jackson experienced this exact scenario in regards to her son Hunter and his preschool, A Place 2 Grow Child Care And Learning Center. According to The Blaze, the 4 year old was suspended and threatened with being expelled over an empty, harmless .22 casing that he found on the ground and thought was cool. Seriously?

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