450 People Were at a Wedding in 2005…Two of Those People are the 2016 Frontrunners

How did we get here?

The overwhelming favorites to win the Democratic and Republican nominations are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. In the GOP race, it’s definitely not over – and a lot depends on Indiana next week. But the favorites are clear.

They are two of the most unlikeable politicians to run for president of all time. They both call New York home. They both are rich. Is this what we want for our political discourse in America? Is this what we want to represent the United States?

But another way of looking at how out-of-touch with America these two potential general election candidates are is to look what they were both up to on January 22, 2005. That was the day Donald Trump was married to Melania, his third wife. Guests at the lavish affair included a who’s who of the media: Kelly Ripa and Barbara Walters. Matt Lauer and Katie Couric. And also some from the political world, like Rudy Giuliani. But perhaps the most famous two attendees were former President Bill Clinton and then-Senator Hillary Clinton. Really!

Yes, there were 450 guests at the wedding of Donald Trump just 11 years ago, and two of them are the 2016 frontrunners. That’s how insular the 2016 political campaign is this year. In 2005 there were approximately 296 million people in the United States. Just .00015% of them were at Donald Trump’s wedding. And TWO of those people might be your main options for president this year.

With options like that, it’s no wonder the #NeverTrump movement has picked up steam, and so many strange bedfellows have come to support Ted Cruz. (And on the other side, why many Bernie Sanders supporters have been sounding very #NeverHillary lately.)

Do you want one of two rich, liberal New Yorkers who hang out at each other’s wedding…or something different?

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