48% of Republicans Want to Replace Trump

Coming one day after realizing Donald Trump has less cash on hand for his campaign than a whore in Vegas has under her mattress, 48% of Republicans want a new nominee. Only 51% of Republicans say they accept Trump as their nominee and I’m willing to bet that support is soft. Some of them will think it is not possible.

Trump’s campaign is a disaster. He has no ground operation. He has little staff. He is trailing in polling. He is $41 million behind Hillary Clinton in cash on hand. His super PAC has only $500,000 cash on hand with more than that in debts. He just tossed his campaign manager.

Trump could raise $1 million a day every day from now to the convention and still have less than Hillary Clinton, but he doesn’t even want to do that. RNC officials are grumbling that Trump won’t raise money.

He is going to lose to Hillary Clinton. It is obvious he is going to lose. And with his loss and poor fundraising, the GOP will not have enough money on hand to save the Senate or the House.

So the GOP will lose both, the Supreme Court, see gun control enacted, see amnesty enacted, and see left-wing economics on the march. The only people left in the GOP who don’t see this actually do see it. They’re just in denial.

By the way, Ted Cruz has six times more cash on hand right now than Donald Trump and Cruz dropped out at the beginning of May.

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