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  • One person’s frustrating wake up call from rooster is another’s nostalgic memory of days at long past. I remember spending nights at my grandparent’s farm, and being delighted when the roosters shouted cockle doodle doo, cockle doodle doo! I smiled and covered my head because this was a sound I did not hear at home. But I heard my grandmother banging pots and pans and lighting the stove to get bacon and eggs going, and soon the smell from the kitchen drew me out from under the covers. Those were the days. Sorry that the rooster bothers you, though.

  • Do you know my mom? She said virtually the same thing! I actually grew up staying at my grandparents a lot and they had a rooster. But, having a new baby and being up all night with that is enough for us right now. Especially with our work schedule.

  • Those were the days. At the age of seven, I checked the hen house for eggs with my Grandpa. He told me that we need to be careful because snakes like eggs. As he went out to the field to work on the tobacco crop, he would return at lunch to find me in the hen house again looking for more eggs. I thought they produced eggs constantly. Ha! I hope your job is going good, and know the sadness of being away from family. We have been away from family, since 1981.