9/11 Truthers Are A Disgusting Affront To America

A number of books currently circulating point to fabulist paranoid tales of how Bush orchestrated 9/11. I won’t deal with their arguments. If you are one of the people who believe them, I feel sorry for you.

For as long as we’ve had a republic, and even before, people have screamed “Conspiracy!” Sometimes they’re right, and sometimes it happened on 9/11.

In June, 1780, Major Benjamin Tallmadge, Gen. Washington’s chief of intelligence, warned of “insider knowledge” in a coming strike on West Point, and deeply suspected Benedict Arnold.

Arnold meant to meet his British handler John Andre by boat on the Hudson River, but on September 11, 1780, the British mistakenly fired on Arnold’s boat, scuttling the meeting. By September 22, Andre was captured by American intelligence, Washington’s capture by the British was thwarted, and Arnold had fled to Manhattan under the protection of British General Clinton. Andre, who Washington respected as an honorable man, was hung. Arnold finished his life drawing a British pension in London.

That was a real conspiracy. Not everything in history is just, or fair either.

The U.S. government and its political masters have done some really ugly conspiratorial things. We smuggled Nazis into the U.S. as part of Operation Paperclip so they could work on our rocket program. President Lyndon Johnson used the Gulf of Tonkin attacks (which never happened) as an excuse to amp up the Vietnam War.

Commander [later Admiral and Ross Perot’s unfortunate running mate–ed] Stockdale was again in the action, this time alone. When his wingman’s aircraft developed trouble, Stockdale got permission to launch solo from the Ticonderoga . He arrived overhead at 2135. For more than 90 minutes, he made runs parallel to the ships’ course and at low altitude (below 2,000 feet) looking for the enemy vessels. He reported later, “I had the best seat in the house to watch that event and our destroyers were just shooting at phantom targets—there were no PT boats there . . . there was nothing there but black water and American firepower.”

U.S.S. Maddox’s commander, Captain Herrick, filed his flash report. “Review of action makes many reported contacts and torpedoes fired appear doubtful. Freak weather effects on radar and overeager sonarmen may have accounted for many reports. No actual visual sightings by MADDOX. Suggest complete evaluation before any further action taken.” Johnson certainly knew of Herrick’s report, since it was received in Washington as events unfolded.

Two days later, Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which Johnson enthusiastically signed.

And there was Richard Nixon, whom Lyndon Johnson accused of using back channels and White House moles to induce the South Vietnamese in 1968 to withdraw from peace negotiations on the very day before a very close election. Nixon never copped to that charge, but he did resign in the midst of Watergate.

Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama knew within hours of the attacks on the American consulate and CIA safe house in Benghazi, on September 11, 2012, exactly who was attacking, and how it was meticulously planned. Being in the midst of a campaign against Mitt Romney, they decided to stick with the “video” explanation, ludicrous as it was.

Acting against all of their intelligence analysts, the Obama administration covered up the actual facts, which would have damaged the president’s chances in the election (we’d probably be working hard to re-elect President Romney right now).

The KGB actively promoted conspiracy theories about JFK’s assassination (among other things), in order to undermine our government. Their spies have always played into American conspiracy obsessions. The Russians are glad to pour gasoline on all our paranoias, and continue to do so.

There are lots of things I would not put past our government. But 9/11 is not one of them. Too many people died, and too many people would have known about it. The ties to Al Queda, Usama bin Laden, and rich Saudis are too provable beyond any doubt. There’s no way it could have been done without exposure–and President Obama would have been more than happy to expose it.

It just didn’t happen.

My step-brother went through Logan airport at the same time as the hijackers. He was flying to Florida and saw the smoke coming from the WTC. His plane was forced to land in Charlotte, and he rented a car to drive the rest of the way. One of the co-pilots of the doomed airliners lived near where I grew up in New Hampshire. I experienced the horror from Georgia, while Robins Air Force Base locked down in THREATCON Delta. We had armored Humvees manning key intersections of our city outside the base.

Millions of people witnessed the carnage first-hand. Every single person who was with President George W. Bush on September 11, 2001 saw how he reacted. There was no conspiracy, and if there was, by other elements in the U.S. government, we’d have had some very public trials and executions by now.

I don’t care about what technical, pseudo-scientific, and outright crazy theories you might have heard, there’s no substitute for first-hand witnesses.

If the Seattle Seahawks decide to sit for the National Anthem, because Pete Carroll buys into this America-hating fantasy, he should be fired. Anyone who publicly promotes 9/11 truther theories, and makes money doing it, should be sued into bankruptcy.

9/11 trutherism is a disgusting affront to America. It elevates every traitor who ever betrayed our country while it denigrates every patriot who defends it.

It’s well past time to stamp it out.

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