94-Year-Old Woman’s Inspirational Baptism Proves It’s ‘Never Too Late’ to Find God

A 94-year-old woman is proving it’s never too late for someone to make a major life change.

Ophelia White is in the headlines after she recently decided to accept Jesus as her savior and truly start her life as a Christian — a move that motivated her to tell others to take similar steps in their own lives.

“I want people to know it’s never too late,” White told The Baptist Message last month. “Get with it.”

White was recently baptized at Cook Baptist Church in Ruston, Louisiana, publicly displaying her newfound faith in front of the congregation.

While she had assumed she was a Christian for most of her life, it wasn’t until her roommate, Joy Campbell, asked her some deep questions about faith that she realized she needed to make a real commitment, CBN News reported.

As it turns out, White apparently got baptized as a young girl at the behest and urging of her mother, not realizing at the time what that commitment truly meant. It wasn’t until decades later when Campbell began asking her friend about her faith that White realized she hadn’t yet made a genuine faith proclamation.

So, in August, White announced her decision at church and decided to get baptized — an event that was seen as profoundly encouraging to the Cook Baptist Church congregation, according to The Baptist Message.

“It’s inspiring to people, particularly for senior adults, to know that God is still touching hearts even in the elderly years,” discipleship and administration Pastor Todd Free told the outlet. “There are many others like Mrs. White who went their whole life thinking they knew Christ but understood later their need for him.”

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