A Common Theme Among Conservatives For Trump

I’ve listened to a lot of people I respect make their case for Trump. Here at the Western Conservative Summit, guys like Hugh Hewitt who only a few weeks ago suggested we may need a nominee; guys like Eric Metaxas who said only a couple of years ago that if Trump is a conservative then he must not be one; and guys like Dennis Prager who could not abide Trump at all until recently all make a similar case.

It’s about the appointments. From judges to cabinet positions we have to support Trump because of these appointments.

But there is a common theme beyond those takes that continues to strike me and it is extremely pervasive among those who plant their flag in principle. It amounts to “Please support Trump to stop making the rest of us look like we sold out.”

I see it from CPAC’ers, talk radio voices, TV hosts, and pundits. Those of us who cannot bring ourselves to get on board with Trump need to do so because we’re making the rest of the team look bad.

I think they’re just going to have to look bad.

I don’t believe Trump when he says he’ll fight for conservative judges. I don’t even believe he will be Hillary.

Look, I don’t blame you if you think Trump is the best we can do and you decide to go with him. I don’t blame you at all. I even understand it. But spare me the pressure to conform. I may understand your position, but it is not mine.

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