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After many suggestions to do so, I’ve created Blog Macon to do nothing but write about Bibb County.

Second, if you are interested in killing Macon’s Parking Lot Hotel, you can print, sign, and mail this letter. It’s addressed to the appropriate people.

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  • I want the entire hotel thing stopped, in the parking lot-across the street it makes no difference! As a Republican, Erick, you should be voting against any tax scheme to finance a hotel! Why should a City be involved in a tax financing scheme, when the grass is growing knee high along the roadways; PioNono looks like the third world; crime is through the roof; and the City is stone cold broke.

    I am 100% opposed to more SPLOSTS! What part of that do politicians not understand that the people in Macon are sliding down the economic ladder. There are no good jobs, unless of course you work for the government or health care. If I were looking to invest in bonds for a hotel, I would not put forth enough money for these scoundrels to buy a set of sheets!

    The first order of business for the City Councils should be to vote to reduce the Council down to 7 Council seats (my perfect scenario would be three business students from Georgia College to run the whole shebang), but unfortunately I cannot find enough smart people to stand up with me or they just feel whipped and perplexed by the Leviathan that is eating our breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    The second order of business is to cut the Mayor’s office staff drastically or is that off the table. And then tell every department head that they need to find a way to eliminate 15% of the workers and get rid of the people not doing anything anyway. And then, you need to write an order to the Chief of Police that all prisoners shall be up at dawn to keep all of the grass and streets clean throughout the City. Eliminate all non-essential vehicles in the City, and make sure that anyone using a City vehicle has their W-2s adjusted for the mileage allowance for personal use. That is enough for the first council meeting, so get busy!

  • On the hotel, I’m in total agreement with you.

    On the SPLOST, ditto.

    On the Council size, ditto.

    On the Mayoral staff, ditto.

    On the vehicles, ditto.

    Linda, I think this may be a first!

  • I think the parking lot hotel plan is ridiculous, and I support efforts to change the location to the perfect place across the street. Those who say they are against the whole concept of a convention center hotel, however, don’t understand how important this is for us to attract out-of-town dollars for our local economy. We are missing out on many conventions that are being snatched up by other cities of similar size, simply because we don’t have all the facilities we need to host them.

  • Kathy,

    Can you please tell me where in the Constitution that the City has a right to steal money from taxpayers for the benefit of land owners and developers in the Macon area to do what private money should be doing? I have a business, Kathy, and no one helped me buy my building and now one helps me attract customers to my business.

    If a convention hotel were so grand, then private developers would build it. There is not one convention hotel in the United States that operated in the black. This is a plan that needs to be put to a screeching halt! With the financial shape of the City of Macon having to borrow money every year to meet payroll, it is laughable that you or anyone else would suggest that taxpayers should be on the hook for bonds for a hotel!

    The business of government is not to finance pipe dreams of the Macon Bibb County Visitor’s Bureau and the insiders pressuring politicians in order that they can get a free ride on the taxpayers’ dimes. If you and your friends want a hotel, then I say that all of you put up your homes for collateral and see if you can come up with enough capital to form an LLC and build it as a group. Those of you who think it is a grand plan, then sign your name on the dotted line. I can bet at this very moment you are thinking no way I am not going to go into any debt for something that I am not sure if I would make money on and Lord forbid what if I lose my investment. With this said, I just proved to you that as a taxpayer that I do not want to take a risk either!