Washington, DC, - JANUARY 21: Atmosphere during the Women's March on Washington in Washington D.C. on January 21, 2017. Credit: mpi34/MediaPunch/IPX

A Day Without Overly Privileged Leftist Women is a Great Idea

“For all the outrage over Donald Trump not honoring civil rights, these people do not even honor the basic constitutional laws upon which their civil rights are premised.”

Continuing their behavior as aggrieved sore losers without any actual grievances other than they lost, the so called “Women’s March” has announced a general strike. On a date to be determined, they will call on all women everywhere to stop making sandwiches and stay out of the kitchen or where ever else they work, not that all of them have real jobs. They want the world to see what it would be like if leftwing women did not show up to work. What they will really show is what sore losers they continue to be and how good they really have it.

These leftwing women, many of whom have already gone on strike from shaving their legs and general hygiene, will simply not show up for work. Keep in mind that, according to the adjusted exit polling, Donald Trump won white married women, only lost non-party affiliated women by 5%, won Republican women’s votes with 88% of the vote, and won the middle class.

In other words, the women marching are not so much indicative of America, so much as they are the left in America. This group, after all, excluded pro-life and evangelical women. They are more likely to consider men to be women than to consider a Bible believing actual woman to be a woman.

They are sore losers. Ironically, in their announcement, they declared, “The will of the people will stand.” The will of the people was for Donald Trump to be President. While they may argue that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, she only did so because of California and that is not how our system of government works. For all the outrage over Donald Trump not honoring civil rights, these people do not even honor the basic constitutional laws upon which their civil rights are premised.

On top of it all, what we are going to witness with this strike is an overwhelming show of privilege and how well off these women have it. Were I to go on strike tomorrow, not taking a holiday or sick day, I would lose my job and would consequently lose my home and probably my wife because she has cancer and my insurance would evaporate. Their precious Obamacare would not cover the cost of my wife’s medicine that my current insurance will.

These women, on the other hand, will be hailed by the press as heroines, many of them will be given an extra vacation day by their employers to take that day off, the rest will neither lose their jobs or benefits for “striking.” They’ll really just be getting an extra day off.

There is zero risk to any of them. They will lose nothing. Why? Because they are extraordinarily privileged. They would have you believe that their rights are being curtailed, their ability to murder children is being encroached, and the state itself is forcing them to spread mayonnaise on white bread for a group of men.

The truth is that they have no jobs of consequence that require their absolute presence. They are all, like everyone who will not join the strike, dispensable while they immodestly hide under the delusion of being indispensable. Their employers will accommodate them, if they even have jobs. They will then go right back to their jobs and the very next day will be able to murder their children if they want.

And Donald Trump will still be President.

These women have no real grievance other than one: they thought they would never again have to compete in the marketplace of ideas with conservatives, and instead lost. Now they’re just sore losers hell bent on protesting their loss. They have no intention of making a persuasive case against Donald Trump. They just want to scream and make us think they are really needed.

They are not. And taking a day off work with zero risk and no chance of loss is a great way of reminding everyone of that fact.

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