A Doggie Poo Bag Dispenser Designer and You

ImageSt. Coletta’s is a private school in Washington, D.C. Despite it’s name, it labels itself as a “non-sectarian”, as opposed to just a “secular”, private non-profit organization operating a school for children with mental retardation and autism.

St. Coletta has opened a public charter school in Washington, D.C. that is 99,000 square feet and designed by Michael Graves, the guy who designed the bar accessory set for Target that you see here. It sells for $24.99.

How on earth could a private school building a 99,000 square foot public school afford to hire the guy who brought us $7.99 oblong shaped doggie poo bag dispensers? Well, the answer is easy.

Sharon B. Raimo is the Executive Director of St. Coletta’s and sits on St. Coletta’s Board of Trustees. Her husband is Bernie Raimo, Counsel to the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives a/k/a lawyer for America’s Mother-in-Law, Nancy Pelosi.

Over the past several years, St. Coletta of DC has recieved $12 million in earmarks to fund their extravagant building project. Though it has all the benefits of being a “private” school, over 75% of its funding for their new building is being paid for by taxpayers from across the country.

But, I’m sure it is just a coicidence that the Executive Director’s husband is one of the Speaker’s top staffers, because, you know, Nancy is committed to real earmarks reforms. Why don’t you call your Representative and ask if Nancy is as committed to earmarks reforms as she says she is.

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