This Thursday, Jan. 9, 2013 photo, shows a 2013 1040-ES IRS Estimated Tax form at H & R Block tax preparation office in the Echo Park district of Los Angeles. “The United States income tax is a pay-as-you-go tax, which means that tax must be paid as you earn or receive your income during the year,” the IRS says. “You can either do this through withholding or by making estimated tax payments.” (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

A Fair Share of the Tax Burden

Liberal Democrat politicians love to insist that their priority, when tax reform becomes the topic of discussion, is to force successful people to pay “their fair share” of taxes. The wealthy are frequently described as greedy people who gained their wealth at the expense of the poor.

However, according to the latest statistics from the Office of Management and Budget, the top 20 percent of American taxpayers currently pay a whopping 95 percent of all tax revenue collected. In other words, 80 percent of American taxpayers are currently getting a free ride at the expense of the people working hard to achieve success. Is that what is considered equality in the land of the free, and the home of the brave?

Or is this in reality the land of the greedy, and the home of tax slaves?

For most of my life, corrupt politicians with insatiable appetites for taxpayer dollars to be used to buy votes from their constituents have demonized Americans for creating wealth, and convinced the majority of the citizens (a.k.a. beneficiaries) that punishing success is somehow good and noble, instead of being wicked and evil.

However, those same politicians and the media don’t hesitate to play favorites. They vilify wealthy Americans perceived to be conservative such as the Koch brothers, but ignore wealthy liberal donors like Tom Steyer, who just funded a $10 million dollar advertising campaign calling for the impeachment of President Trump, and of course George Soros, who has funded a wide variety of groups and activities designed to benefit liberal Democrat politicians.

Ironically, in the video above, filmed during the presidency of Bill Clinton, Soros is described as “Donald Trump without the humility.” Now, just let that thought marinate in your brain for a few minutes. Soros is such a hypocrite that he claimed he was only trying to “do the right thing” when he helped Nelson Mandela develop strategies to protect the economy of South Africa from unscrupulous currency speculators like himself, but then he declines to register his investment firm with the Securities and Exchange Commission. avoiding the same regulations that he helped impose on his competition. Political donations and “philanthropy” are used to buy these people political influence.

Similarly, the U.S. tax code has been weaponized and used to pit Americans against each other in a perpetual battle of class warfare. The tax code is a monstrous but clever method to manipulate the behavior of the majority. Because builders and everyone else in the real estate business wants people to buy houses, the tax code incentivizes home ownership. Children are also considered a deduction by the  tax code. If Americans really understood the lies, half-truths and deceptions being used to manipulate them, the vast majority of the general public would be outraged. But most regular people don’t have the slightest idea what politicians are really saying when they talk about our money.

Normal families use zero-based budgeting — meaning if you have zero dollars, that’s approximately how much money you can spend. As an example to illustrate the point, let’s say Joe Blow and his family earns $2,000 per month. The mortgage is $800, and utilities another $200. That leaves $1,000 for groceries, a car payment, entertainment, and everything else the Blow family needs. If Joe gets a raise, the monthly budget adjusts upward. If he loses his job, they will be forced to survive on any savings until new employment can be secured and the income stream replaced. If Joe tries to print his own money, he’ll get arrested for counterfeiting.

Conversely, the federal government uses baseline-budgeting, which has no relationship to reality whatsoever. If Joe’s income stream dips, he’s got to conserve money, so Joe is probably going to cancel the cable service, and eat hamburgers instead of steaks. The federal government never cuts back. They can legally print money whenever they want. But their rhetoric grotesquely distorts reality for ordinary Americans. When politicians are shrieking about so-called draconian spending cuts to the federal budget, they are lying. The federal government almost never cuts spending. In reality the politicians are only arguing about reductions in the future rate of increased spending.

Remember when Democrats in Congress kept harping that children would starve because of draconian cuts to the funding of school lunch programs? It sounded horrible, evil and cruel. There was only one problem. None of it was true. There was never going to be a reduction in the amount of money being spent on school lunches. They were arguing about a reduced percentage in the rate of increase to be spent on school lunches in future years.

President Trump is the first chief executive in recent memory to actually implement targeted, real spending cuts to specific federal programs. Even though the dollar amounts were more symbolic than meaningful in terms of reducing the deficit or lowering the debt, it is certainly a step in the right direction. Trillions of dollars in wealth have been redistributed from wealthy Americans who have achieved success to greedy politicians in Washington. Just enough of the proceeds are shared with the people who pay no taxes to buy their votes, so the vicious cycle may continue.

It isn’t fair that twenty percent of the population bears 95 percent of the tax burden. It’s immoral, and it ought to be criminal. But it shouldn’t be a surprise. Politicians are some of the greediest and unscrupulous people on earth. The highest tax bracket for a U.S. taxpayer in 2017 is a whopping 39.6 percent, yet for a politician, that still isn’t high enough. The evil rich must be punished, unless they also happen to be political donors.

By comparison, God only asks for 10 percent of our income.

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