A Few Observations and Questions About the Swampcare Effort

The base of the Republican Party went into open revolt against the establishment GOP leaders and pundit class in 2016. The result was a rejection of even mainline conservative candidates in favor of Donald Trump, a man who promised to blow up the system and drain the swamp.

The loudest voices now championing this swampcare effort are the very leaders and pundits of the GOP the base of the party rebelled against.

Right now, Donald Trump is siding with those leaders and pundits against his base.

The base does not blame Donald Trump, but is firing withering criticism at the leaders and pundits who support and are pushing swampcare. If Donald Trump continues to stand with the GOP establishment, how long will he go before his supporters turn on him?

The GOP passed its 2015 plan and a lot of the people now opposed to it had voted for it. When does the President move to the 2015 plan and start attacking Republicans who voted for it then and now oppose it?

If Trump’s voters decide he is not really going to drain the swamp, but has instead been coopted by the GOP establishment his voters hate, who exactly is going to turn out in 2018 to help the GOP keep Congress?

Donald Trump uniquely promised to be a bull in the china shop of Washington. His voters loved it. His voters loved that he could cut deals and negotiate and, most importantly, get what they wanted through the art of the deal. Swampcare is not what they want. The veneer is going to come off if the White House staff are not careful.

Listening to talk radio callers on shows whose hosts have been nonstop cheerleaders for Trump and are now defending swampcare, it is clear the audience is not fooled and they are angry. They are blaming the GOP in Congress. If you see a bus outside the White House, it may be about to drive over a lot of Republicans as Donald Trump, to save his reputation, throws a lot of people under it.

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