A Fulcrum, A Lever, and the Holy Grail

Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.


Virgil’s mythical classic, Aeneid, depicts the Greek Army’s ten year siege on the city of Troy. Odysseus was King of Ithaca and trusted counsellor to Agamemnon,  Commander of combined Greek forces. Odysseus was renown for his cunning and shrewd brilliance. It was he who conceived and devised the scheme which finally allowed entry into Troy. A huge horse was constructed and wheeled to Troy’s city gates. The Greek army then made a show of withdrawing from battle and sailing away.

The Trojans, who revered horses, saw the gift as a parting Grecian gift to their gods, and brought it into the city. That night Troy celebrated the end of the siege late into the night. Unbeknownst to Troy, the horse had a cavity in its stomach, and Odysseus and a few other select soldiers were hidden inside. As the citizens and soldiers alike lay sleeping, the Greek soldiers snuck out, and opened the city gates to the waiting Grecian Army. The Greeks routed the soldiers, laying waste to the city; finally claiming victory.

The term “Trojan horse has come to mean a trick or stratagem that causes a target to invite a foe into a securely protected bastion or place. 

For months, senior Congressional leaders of both parties have known there is no evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. Sen. Diane Feinstein D-CA has said as much on more than one occasion, the latest time this past week. What started as an excuse for Hillary’s electoral loss and a diversion from the fact that Obama had his entire presidential agenda soundly refuted, gained traction in the MSM becoming a hourly talking point.

Under pressure from the media and threats from the Democrats to slow Congress to a crawl, Republican leadership folded and began to push for an appointment of independent Special Counsel to investigate All Things Russia.  However, there is an apparent contradiction, which raises the following question:

If this investigation has gone on for months, and if no one can point to any proof of collusion, and if there have been no leaks of evidence to the contrary; why are these unsubstantiated charges still around? 

If you follow the bouncing ball, this scheme runs from Obama to Hillary, then to Congressional Democrats, as well as the MSM and finally to McCain, never-Trumpers and RINOs in general. What is their endgame? What are they really after? The answer:

President Trump’s tax returns are the Holy Grail. 

They are convinced evidence of impeachable perfidy lie within his tax returns, and the fact that he has refused to release them is to them, proof of his guilt. They firmly believe if he didn’t have something to hide, he would no qualms releasing them. There is no legal requirement for President Trump to release his tax returns, polling has shown this to be a non-issue, and it would probably be a political mistake for him to release them voluntarily. In order to get them out in the public, those desirous of President Trump’s downfall realized they needed a lever. Enter the Obama/Clinton generated “Trump won because of the Russians” storyline. It’s the fulcrum, without which the lever is cannot exist.

All along, the lever for those wishing to take down the President has been an independent Special Counsel. Armed with subpoena power, and unlimited authority Special Counsel can subpoena the President’s financial documents, inclusive of his tax returns whenever he so chooses.
So, they hijacked Obama and Hillary’s lame but explosive excuse, they put it on steroids and fed it to the press non-stop. Predictably, right on cue the RINO’s jumped on board and also began squealing for a Special Counsel. When it became obvious Congress was frozen in place and would be for the foreseeable future, there was no choice but to appoint Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to investigate Russia, the Trump Campaign, and pretty much whatever else he wants to check out.
No one can predict what the outcome will be. But, have no doubt, this is a pyrrhic victory for those opposed to President Trump. To be sure, if President Trump goes down, the true final cause will be his own wrongdoing. But, it beggars belief to realize the genesis was a false accusation which originated solely to serve as a salve for Hillary’s wounded ego.

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