A Glimmer of Hope for the Future

Keeping informed about current events can be a depressing business.

Over the past few months, dozens of Americans were gunned down at a country music concert in Las Vegas. Mass murders have occurred during worship services at churches in Texas and Tennessee, and yet more people seem worried about fictitious or grossly exaggerated problems such as police nationwide wantonly murdering unarmed black teenagers. Liberal activists appear to be more concerned about preserving a woman’s right to abort an unborn child, or climate change, than they care about real, very dangerous problems that aren’t being taken seriously enough.

Over time, that can get depressing, and even demoralizing. The dark mood may become exacerbated by watching a seemingly endless stream of liberal anarchists express anti-American sentiments on national television, only to find out that some of these buffoons actually earn income as college professors, which apparently gives them ample free time to post inane,  insensitive, and idiotic comments on social media about having the privilege of teaching “future dead cops” or “all I want for Christmas is white genocide.

Tucker Carlson appears to have a gift for finding these people. These liberal activists have not only infected the academic ranks at colleges and universities across America, they are even teaching at the middle school and high school level.

And don’t forget that Yvette Felarca of BAMN gets paid to be a social studies teacher in the Berkeley Unified School District, although she appears to spend more time protesting at the University of California-Berkeley or (as both plaintiff and defendant) in court than she spends teaching in the classroom.

However, the title of this article is not intended to be deceptive click-bait. There really is hope for the future. He calls himself “Kid Gadsden.” Just watch the video below.

The teacher’s claims in this “debate” are based purely on emotion, not evidence or facts.

Conversely, Kid Gadsden uses valid and accurate information from reputable sources to thoroughly decimate her argument. The comedy begins early, when the teacher accuses this young man of skewing the information he has offered to refute her arguments.

When Kid Gadsden replies that “his” statistics originally came from the FBI, the teacher abruptly changed course and blurted: “The FBI? Do you know how many coverups happen in the FBI?  All you’re doing is perpetuating your own thought process, so you’ll always get your information from establishments that are ceded (SIC? She also said grounded — I believe she meant “founded”) in white supremacy.” That particular moment in their exchange reminded me of something that dear old Dad used to say: “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with B.S.”

Really — what the heck was that response about the FBI supposed to mean?

It’s equally difficult to comprehend exactly what the teacher was trying to say around 3:37 in the video, as she was trying to talk over the student while he was still speaking.

It sure sounded like she said this:

Cops are devils. White cops are…you can’t tell me any different.

If that is indeed an accurate representation of what she said, Kid Gadsden’s response was perfect: “Wow!” Nothing more needed to be said.

Does America need teachers to fill the heads of our children with this hateful, racist, divisive, and untrue nonsense? Should this woman be in a classroom?

Before you answer, wait until you finish watching the video. It gets even better. In fact, the entertainment is just getting started. At around the 6:00 minute mark, the teacher proclaims to her class that she’s smarter than the dictionary. It has never occurred to me personally that I should brag about being smarter than an inanimate object.

Nor do I have the hubris to claim that my brain contains more knowledge than a dictionary, because I know it doesn’t. By the same token, I’d be comfortable comparing the knowledge contained in my brain to hers. Clearly, she isn’t even as smart as this kid.

The climatic moment of the teacher’s total nuclear meltdown occurs about three minutes later, when she says:

If you’re gonna actually say that black and brown people are not killed with impunity (by white cops) in this country, then you are misguided. You are perpetuating white supremacy.

Irony alert: “Kid Gadsden” is Latino.

This teacher has officially gone way beyond the pale by this point. She just (falsely) accused her student of being a white supremacist, simply because he challenged her argument with evidence. She should be fired, immediately, for giving all the good teachers across America (and there are many) a bad name.

She is an embarrassment to the entire teaching profession.

Especially for a high school student, Kid Gadsden appeared to be extremely well informed about current events. It sounded as if he might have watched the same Larry Elder interview (below) that I saw on the Rubin Report prior to the impromptu debate with his teacher.

In order to win any debate, a participant must apply logic and reason to evidence that supports their points, assuming the goal is convincing their opponent their argument is superior. Arguments made from authority are inherently fallacious, and ad-hominem personal insults (like calling the other person a racist, or white supremacist) are tantamount to a concession of defeat.

Even so, the exchange between the student and teacher was not a completely wasted opportunity. It became a teachable moment for the entire class. Kid Gadsden brilliantly demonstrated to his classmates the best way (and the only successful way) to decisively triumph in an intellectual debate against an esteemed opponent.

By having the better argument.

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