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A Good Corrective to My Pessimism

There have been plenty of good correctives to my pessimistic suggestion this morning that we start talking about secession. I am encouraged to see so many people say otherwise. I think we should talk about it, if only to talk through it and decide we want to preserve our union. There are too many people who insist on their way or the highway at the federal level and I do not think that is sustainable. When we have five black robed masters who can force 320 million people to adhere to the morals of the Ivy League at the expense of local values, we have a real problem as a nation.

We presently have a very divided nation, a President who revels in the division instead of trying to unite us, and a large number of people who want to stamp out anyone they disagree with. That is not sustainable.

I would hope we could decide to live and let live and decide many of these problems at the state level. Too many problems are now decided at the federal level where they were never meant to be decided. Doing that drives up the stakes and breaks down federalism.

My mood has certainly turned toward pessimism of late. It is encouraging, however, to see so many still optimistic about the future. Hopefully we can have a national conversation about allowing people to have common communities of interest where people can live their faith and values in public without fear of boycott, lawsuit, or assault.

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